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    one of my plants looks good, the other has some sort of problem.

    if anything, i've underwatered it, but i think i'm watering it on time. i've given it grow big 3 times. 1/8th tsp, 1/4 and 1/2 per half gallon (then that is split between the 2 plants), so i don't think i've over nuted it (no nutes in soil)

    the tips of the older leaves (big ones) turn yellow then dark brown. some browning on the edge of those leaves. they are pointed up, and a couple leaves are almost twisted weirdly. i can get some pix if needed. they need water now, so i need to figure out what to give them (no feeding scheduled for today otherwise)

    they're in soil, ph of runoff has been between 6.5 and 7 since i started.
  2. bout 30 days old, but spent abotu 2 weeks stunted bc of heat, low humidity, and no nitrogen. as soon as those were fixed they started growing well.

    from what i've read it looks like Mg deficiency. can anyone confirm that this is likely? i read Epsom salt is an easy solution, correct?
  3. yeah it does seem like a magnesium problem, but im not entirely sure without pictures.

    epsom salt is a good way to clear this problem correct, remember to just add a very small amount and if it's not epsom salt from a hydroponic store, make sure the salt defuses properly in the water before u feed.

    btw epsom salt feeding is basically a through flush, to get rid of nutrient lock outs etc.
  4. k i'm about to get some pics, as i now notice some yellowing in all the leaves of my better plant. its like the green is fading in the middle of the leaves. hard to describe. pics coming.
  5. computer trouble, can't get my pix uploaded. guess i'm going to try the epsom salt
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    nitrogen can also cause the yellowing of lower leaves. so, i'd try to upload pictures before you mistakenly treat the wrong problem.

    twisting can also be caused by a pH imbalance. and a pH embalance can/will cause nutrient lockout which means you're not dealing with a single nutrient - you're dealing with multiple nutrient deficiencies, and only fixing your pH will resolve that issue.
  7. He said he pH was 6.5 to 7. And just how "young" are these plants? Overfeeding is a likely possibility.

  8. they're 30 days. Thanks for clarifying on the pH -- i missed that.
  9. ugh, ph is low! watered with 1/2 tsp of epsom (orig ph 6.5-6.8) and my runoff ph was 6! so that's pretty much gotta be the problem.

    i've fed so little i don't see how it could be over feeding. i'm about to check the lockout chart but with a run off of 6 i'm sure i'm locking something out.

    how do i bring it up? should i flush with a ph of 7.5 or something? i'm about to read into it but i'd appreciate an answer if anyone is around
  10. also not sure how the ph would go so low all the sudden. but it is.
  11. well i flushed with 7.5-8 water and got the ph raised a lil bit. got one plant up to 6.8 but the other (the one that looks good) did not respond as much, so i just quit. hopefully that won't be too much of a shock. hindsight, not sure if that was the answer. obviously this is my first rodeo.

    since i flushed should i feed next water? i wasn't going to feed again until the watering after next. i'm going to transplant the good one by the end of the week.
  12. u shouldn't water with a higher ph to balance out the lower ph, stick to 7 for soil.

    u should water every other day, it should be
    day 1: water,
    day 2: dry
    day 3: check to see if soil is try or still wet, if dry water, if not let it dry out for one more day.

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