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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Switch, Sep 12, 2002.

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  1. September 11th 2001:

    Two planes crash into the WTC in New York. 2800 die. A truly tragic day. World sympathy and support for the us. Apart from the extreeme muslim comunities.

    One year on:
    The whole world again stands still for the one year anniversery of the event.

    I must ask- in a time when the US are being offered/asking for millitary support- what about the missery and bombings in between 1972 and 1998? I am pretty sure that over this 26 year period that thousands more died in the \"troubles\" in northern ireland. Where was the US \"our allies\" when this was happening. Did the US hold memorial services for OUR dead? Did the US provide millitairy support? No. Did some americans support and even FUND the IRA so that they could go out and buy nail bombs AND GO OUT AND KILL LITTLE CHILDREN? Yes.

    Think- if UK citizens had funded Al Quieda there would have been hell to pay. It seems that our alliance with america is not without a sense of almost irony. The IRA fuck the UK over and big deal. A.Q. fuck the US over in a fraction of the death and the US FINALLY take notice of what it is to have the fuck bombed out of you.

    I was upset by the attacks on the WTC. Evil men carried out these deeds and I bear that evil much hatred. But I ask you... where were you? Where were you for the IRA and England? Where were you for Spain and ETA? Terrorism is evil. The US has only just realised it...

    I\'ll fall silent on 9/11- if just one person in the world falls silent for Omagh, for Manchester, for the countless army bases and tit for tat killings and the nail bombs which killed children.

    Now just in case someone thinks I have no sympathy for the US then they are WRONG! It was a truly evil deed. I feel for every member of every family that has suffered from murder, terrorism, desease any family who has had loved ones ripped away. Remember the dead- remember who stripped them of life... live for peace and unity- one planet, one people, one base instinct- Peace and tranquility.
  2. Switch,

    You have to remember the US\'s mentality, we think that we are the best damn country in the world, and that is all that matters. We just try to police the world, and if nobody is messing with us, and the country is doing fine economically then we really don\'t care what is going on in the world. The only way that we will get involved is if the economy is doing bad, or we will be harmed directly. I dunno, Im talking out of my ass here, its just fucking politics as usual, I mean Im STILL trying to figure out why we have a damn moron sitting in the the oval office. Maybe one day we can realize how arrogant we are, but until that day America will be the most arrogant nation in the world.
  3. Switch I have sympathy for all the world who has had evil done to them. Just like you there is nothing that any of us civilians can do. Our political party is for themselves and not the people. The only control we have is the sympathy and pain that we feel for our worldly brothers and sisters.

    As Joshy said our political BSers Have no heart or brain. They just love the control they have. Piss them off and boom. Agree with them and you have love till you disagree.

    I am from the Irish back ground and I don\'t care where the terrorist hit it\'s a bad thing.

    All the different countries of the world want is endless power. What they really need is love and respect!!!!!

  4. You said it Bud Head!
  5. Switch I wont get into it too much becuz its you and all you do is complain ( no offense :) ).....but yeah, I agree with bud head 100 percent.
  6. i scanned this post....didnt really read a lot of it, so i dont really know if anybody touched on this or not, but, i for one, do not think that every family of the WTC victims DESERVE money, just because of who they were related to, i mean, if a widow and her child are left behind, and the father was the only source of income, yeah, some monies should be provided for help, but as far as ANYBODY GETTING ANYTHING JUST BECAUSE...hell no, fuck that!

    just a question ....who knows what date oklahoma city was bombed?..........thought so.

  7. Aprill 19 1995. WTC TOWER in Oklahoma city Oklahoma.

    People always try to get money when they don\'t deserve it. The way to make the most money is on some ones bad luck!
  8. * murrah(sp?) job on the date...i just dont think nearly as many people remember that disaster as they would the wtc.

  9. It was the world trade center that was targeted. Was the name of the building Murrah or what ever. I\'ll have to do some research to find out. I don\'t remember much about that other than it was a van full of Amonia Nitrate and other stuff was used to build the bomb.

    If you wait for 6-8 years and ask people about the towers, there will be alot of people who will not remember to much.
  10. OOoh I thought you were talkin about that Timothy McVeigh bombing at first.....
  11. we are talking about the timothy mcveigh bombing.
  12. Timothy Mcveigh was put to death for this bombing. There were a couple of others who are spending life in prison with out the possability of parole. It was suspected that there were at least 10 other people who had to be involved in the bombing.

    There were several adults and children who were killed in that bombing as well. It has been thought that the same terrorist group did the bombings, Oklahoima and the towers!

    Namron must be keeping up with these bombings as well!
  13. its not hard too, i find that any substantial loss of life....for some reason or another, grabs my attention...and is hard for me to forget the amount of loss that thousands of families go through.
  14. So true. One life loss is too many. Once upon a time natural cause was the leading cause of death. Now the leading cause of death is by another persons actions.

    That is BULL SHIT all the wayy!!!!!!!!!

    Let me live in peace so I can die in peace by natural causes!!!!
  15. I havent read this whole post but I get the general idea. And switch, I can safely say that America is by far the most selfish country in the world. And I live here. I felt sort-of the same way...all of a sudden the US goes and declares war or terrorism which, despit what anyone says, I believe to be complete and total BULLSHIT and whenever another country has a bombing or some other problem, we turn our backs...or send \'support\' :p

    I don\'t know if anyone who live here in America has the same views, but I feel as though this bombing really isnt any diffewrent from ones that happen everyday in other countries, this one just \'happened\' to be on a large scale, and happened to America. Everyone here seems to think that way, and I admit I used to until I actually thought about it...\"Dont fuck with America or we will fuck YOU up.\" \"Fuck with some other country long as it doesnt affect us in some adverse way.\" thats such bullshit.

    I hate living here ever since 9/11, it opened my eyes and now I see how fucked up the US really is. No wonder some other countries hate us - I wouldnt be suprised if most countries hated us deep down, but were afraid to say anything because that would set them apart from all the others (who probably feel the same way). So everyone just pretends America is such a great and noble country when all we are is a bunch of politicians and cowards.

    Man, thats deep - I don\'t usually write shit like that, lol.
  16. America isnt bullshit dude the govornment is...We need a new govornment that isnt so fuckin gay.
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  18. its not the government....its the people that run it that are corrupt and manipulative
  19. That\'s what im sayin dude, the people who run the govornment are currently considered \"The Govornment\".

    We need to kick these fuckers out of office and put some new people in those chairs.
  20. Boy Xavior, I hope you were high, I mean really high when you wrote that ridiculous rant. You\'ve got a lot of nerve , although I\'m not going to react improperly. You\'ve every right to express opinion, but it\'s sure dissapointing to come across such unadulterated crap. How \'bout trying Canada, since we\'re such a shitty country? Granted; our Gov\'t sucks, its gonna take some time to get our country headed in the right direction, after what the Clintons have done to us the last 8 years. Good vs. evil; Churchhill recognized it, Kennedy recognized it, as did Reagan. Bush 41 & 43 do, too. Why on earth would you say that? This is nothing personal to you. I just disagree, and I said why. I\'d rather discuss legalization, but I understand this is the box. I love this site. Peace.
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