Symbiotic Life

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    Since everything we do is a reaction to something else, circumstances, events, etc, and it's not to say that we don't have free will, but our will (what we do) is acted out in a symbiotic manner with these circumstances or events, suggesting (to me anyways) that we are not in control of every little thing. We are inquisitive, intuitive beings in symbiosis with an entity (life). Life as we know it is procedural, cause and effect. It's not so much choosing a path, because you have to choose a path, every step you take in this life is a path. You need to choose the path most definitely, but you don't manifest the result alone. Our symbiosis with life is the only reason there is any result to what is acted out in our will. Therefore we should acknowledge it.
  2. Yes. 'Tis why the idea of a collective consciousness dictating the unravellings of the human universe makes so much sense to me. We are one.

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