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  1. Not sure if I mentioned it, but this is where I'm from.

    This is kind of...I'm not sure if it's OK to post in regards to T&C so I'll try to keep it within the lines.

    Basically, I have to move out of my place due to flooding (idiot plumber left something dripping...) and just becoming uninhabitable.

    So...A while ago, I was given four clones. Details:

    Two Power Flower

    Two Acupulco Gold

    These have been vegging just under a CFL at this stage so they're pretty small.

    They are in coco, with a bit of perlite mixed in.
    When making it up, tiny little bit of A&B was put in along with a few drops of "superthrive", and...I put in a couple drops of clonex...I thought this might help with the roots establishing, which seems to have worked.

    They are in standard "medium" black pots at this stage, with about an an inch of clay balls at the bottom.
    They are retaining moisture, though draining well.
    They have had a damp-rid container in with them.

    They've been watered and fed (enough) and they're almost up to full strength nutrients now.
    Runoff was a little high in PH about a week back so they've had one adjustment flush prior to their last feed.

    Thing is, with the move I haven't had much time to tend to them.

    They're in "ok" health, they look as though they may have a slight deficiency in ?something? kind of little rusty spots on the lower leaves. They're still otherwise pretty healthy looking, their colour seems right and the new growth looks very nice.

    I don't THINK they have any mites or aphids...though there was a couple when they were much smaller.
    I put a foliar spray onto them a couple of times when watering/feeding, both tops and bottoms of leaves and the top of the medium. "Vitality +".
    I've looked under the leaves numerous times, and haven't found anything that would lead me to believe they're still alive.

    So anyways, they're fairly healthy.
    Their root systems rock, and could easily be ready for upgrade of pot size.
    They're well fed.

    This move though...they're at the stage where they're getting a bit of a smell on them...
    I realised that my filter needs a refill too.
    With a new place, I just don't think it's the right timing or best idea to rock up with these things.

    They haven't been getting the level of attention I'd like to give them because I'm kind of run off my feet with all this moving shit.
    So...I am looking to re-home them.
    Now, I'm not asking anybody here to take these off my hands as I'm fairly certain that this would be against T&C.
    I'm just here telling my story.
    If anybody located in Sydney Australia has any ideas on how I should relocate them or get them into care within the week, please drop me a message.

    Yes...I could just bin them, or I could go and leave the someplace and hope that they find a way to survive and benefit the environment or some small animal/s in some way.
    I'd really rather they went to a caring home.
    I hate the idea of just dropping these.

    All feedback welcome.
  2. TLDR = loan the plants to a 'mate'

  3. I'd say plant em and cage em for animals then when you are ready, take clones.
    But ain't this the start of ya'll winter time? That wouldn't work if it's cold
  4. LOL you assume I have any friends...Nah, most of my people aren't really in the right situation, I've asked around...this is a bit last ditch.
  5. Yeah, it's been SUPER cold.
  6. I'm not even sure we have any Sydney ppl up in here...I just figured given the amount of members and all it might be worth a shot. I'm only going to be here at my "old" place for another 4-5 days, was hoping not to have to just ditch on them.
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  7. see the Aussi subforum on RIU
    half the place is from south wales
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  8. Cool shit, I'll take a look. Thanks.
  9. Brown snakes and juiced up kangaroos have kept me out of australia lol
  10. Climate Change and poor defination of Democracy keeps me outta Aus

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