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Swollen throat

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wewe, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. I smoked for many years, the last month when i smoke i have swallon throat, and chest pain when i wake up, can you just be allergic from one day to another??????? i have allergi for grass
  2. Do you smoke cigarettes too?
  3. yes, i smoke cigarretet, and i use it too hash aswell
  4. I've had sore throat from smoking too many cigarettes. My habit (that I need to kick) is I'll smoke a bowl, or 2, or 3, or 4, and a cigarette after. If I do that too much, my throat will get sore.

    * I'm an idiot. I need to quit smoking cigarettes. Or roll my own tobacco cigarettes, or pipe/cigar.
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  5. Even if allergies were "on and off", they wouldn't account zero occurrence in "many of years".
    Such things may have seasonal variation in symptoms, but that would only ever be to do with particulate matter in the air being at different concentrations throughout the time/year.

    You already know the answer any sensible person is going to give you here, don't you?
    Stop all kinds of smoking.
    Assess the problem without these things present.
    (I'd say ditch cigs all together, because well, you wouldn't be the first to cop cancer from it)
    See if you can get some over the counter stuff to deal with sore throat/congestion.
    See if you can get a Ventolin inhaler.
    Use that shit. Drink lots of water. Put your bodies needs above your wants.
    Seek medical assistance if symptoms persist.

    Done and done.
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  6. thanks for the answer!! i must find a new hobby xd
  7. If you quit, I'll quit. (But, give me a couple days. I'm only chain smoking the cigarettes now until I get my drug test results weed for me until then).
  8. hehe bro, lets do this! We can only get healthier i guees xd
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