Swollen internodes? 1 week flowering.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by devvonc7, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Been 1 week into flowering still no signs of sex and the only difference i noticed is the swollen internodes..... What does that mean? Also included full pic of plant. 20190626_132652.jpg 20190626_132714.jpg
  2. Couldn't say about the swollen joints sadly, but do check if possible what the breeders say about the strain, as some strains can take some time to transition to flower from veg. That's all I can think of.
  3. Actually that's fairly normal. Nothings wrong other than the plant could use some nitrogen.
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  4. Alright sweet! Ive been composting for my nutes so i will just change the mixture a tad
  5. Making compost takes time??? I'm confused by your reply
  6. Have u been "cooking" ur mixture?

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  7. Is this a male? 20190627_120700~2.jpg
  8. See i was about to cut it down. What should i be looking for?
  9. Too early to tell. Give it some time.
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  10. The one on the left is male the one on the right is female.

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  11. I think im seeing more of the first one in my plant. Should i take better pictures or just cut it down?
  12. Females you want to see pistils showing through a calyx like thing that I can’t remember the name of haha.
    And males will try to show you there ugly little sacks. Don’t let them. Once they show balls and the little pollen sacks that look like under ripe banana bottoms. Chop it. You don’t want any pollen in or around your growspace cuz once it shows. It’s hard to keep it from getting airborne and that’s the last thing you want. Get a tieable trash bag (preferably) and carefully put it around any male and chop it down.
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  13. This is a week and 2 days into 12 12 cycle and thats the first sign of sex i got. Not really seeing pistils. Should it be pretty obvious by now?
  14. I don’t think so. Not too sure with indoor times, but outdoors it does take a bit longer, and also a good tip, males will show sex before female plants do. Just keep checking for the next few days or so and you should get an answer.
    Hope this helps brother.
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  15. Don't cut, sometimes the ladies like taking their time to show, males usually grow fast and show sex fast. Trust me if you got balls forming you'll see and can take care of it before the pollen sacs open. You said you're a week into flower so I assume that means since you flipped to 12/12. give it another week. Sometimes those flowering hormones take a bit.

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  16. Each one is a different plant can anyone tell sex? 1561951309988.jpg 20190630_212032.jpg 20190630_212146.jpg

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