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  1. Alright this most be a really really dumb question but i have two plants in flower which one of them got pollinated. You can see the seeds forming in the calyx but i only see too. If i only have two seeds forming does that mean i will only have two seeds in my weed when i harvest it?

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  2. How was the lady pollenated? It is very uncommon for a female to be pollenated and only end up with two seeds. If you hand pollenated only one bud site, even then it would be common to see more than two seeds on that bud.

    My guess would be you are just early on in the pollenation and seed formation process.
  3. Some seeds grow faster then others. How did you pollinate?
  4. holy fuck sweatheart what?

  5. Well i got them from a friend and i think he had a male in between. First i got told and thought it was a hermie but i dont see any male parts or yellow bananas or anything so idk really all i see are two seeds forming. The look like they are about to fall out the two leaves that is around it
  6. Okay I don't think you and I are on the same page.

    This female in question, does she have what you and I would view as "smokable BUD"?

    Seeds grow inside seed brachts in female buds (flowers). Calyx's are those little bumps right around the nodes (the place where branches/new growth originate from). So... where are these bulges? If they are right at the calyx, this is known as pollen sacks - male sex organs. If, however, they are within female buds (flowers), then you have seeds. If the seeds are growing (developing), they are encased in a green leafy material and not directly visible until they have grown large enough to break through the bracht.

    Hope this helps. Perhaps a picture could help us out?
  7. Well i cant take a picture right now but i will tomorrow and post it. Well to me they look like a swollen calyx and it used to have a white hair in it but now it turned brown. It almost looks like there are two leaves and the seed is just getting too big and you start seeing it. I have taken one off and opened it and it looked just like a seed only it was green. I will make a picture tomorrow and put it up here
  8. Okay well if you found a legit seed that was green, then you know that the bud has seed.

    This means, most likely, that more will come with time. If the seed was green, then it was not yet mature. Did you break open the object to confirm that it was a seed and not full of pollen (don't do this next to your plants lols)? It would be quite odd to see a plant with only two seeds throughout.
  9. Yes. I took it off and opened it and everything. it looked axactly like a seed only green but tomorrow i will post the picture cuz the lights off now.
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    Well that sounds like an immature seed. So hermie. Most likely there will be more seeds.

    FYI your rep don't mean shit yet. :p
  11. Ya but thats the thing it does not have any male characteristics. I have checked it a million times. The buds are not big enough for them to hide under them either. I think she has only been in flowering for maybe 3 to 4 weeks. That guy i got it from put her in flowering very early. I dont even think he put her in veg stage.
  12. Hmm... my guess would be that this lady could be a hermie. Not getting enough time to veg; moving between homes; having some seeds in odd locations and only at one bud site?

    If I had to guess, I'd say more seeds are on the way. If not? Then this is really a hermie, with only two seeds @ one bud site (this could be indicative of self-pollenation at that one bud site).
  13. Ya but if it was a hermie wouldn't i already see the yellow banana things?
  14. Haha I have no idea what you're speaking off, sorry. Hermies will have both female buds, and male pollen sacks. There's a real good stick in either Absolute Beginners or General Indoor Growing called SEXING that will show you images of all the pertinent stuff to this situation.

    Long story short? If you see pollen sacks (look like little balls) and female pistils/buds on one plant, you've got a hermie. If you see self-pollenated seeds on a female, you have a stressed out plant that colloquially is called a hermie.
  15. Lol go look at the pictures of a hermie, when they start pollintating the calyx its like a yellow flower thing in a shape of a banana and you see some pollen on them. Wouldn't i see them. I dont see the pollen sacks either that look like little balls
  16. Those banana type things you are talking about occur when the hermie shows/occurs late in the bud cycle, like 5+ weeks into flowering. So if you have really mature buds, and it hermies, you'd see some of those things I guess. Short of that, I suppose you dont have to see those?
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    O well i guess i will just have to wait and see then. Thx for all the help

  18. Oh please you seem so wise. I have a similar problem. I have plenty of pics. I removed what I thought was a swollen calyx. Inside I found what I thought to be a developing seed. Is that where a seed would develop? Inside the calyx? Also, that means the calyx must have been pollinated? Is that correct. Please excuse me, im only learning

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