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  1. I'm gonna be switching to flower here in about a week as long as my pest problem is gone. Just curious what exactly needs to be done... I've seen people say something about giving them 24 hours of dark before switching to 12/12 so just wanna make sure I'm not missing anything. I'm also switching from cfl's to a mars 300. Should I take any precaution to avoid stressing my girl out? And how far is normal to hang the light from. The cfls are damn near touching the plant and it's fine but I know leds are more powerful. Tia
  2. almost all leds have an optimum footprint at 18 inches. The foot print is very narrow and rigid. You are either in or out. The footprint of the light will determine and be your area. Keep it 18 inches above the canopy in that area. Use the space outside of that area for something else other than growing pot. Don't know about the 24 hour thing but I'm a little behind on my peer reviewed scientific cannabis papers. Sometimes it works for a guy that posts on the internet before professional horticulturists have recognized it's value. Where did you say you heard that?
  3. On here. I don't know if it's necessary or if dude was just experimenting. So i just change the time to 12/12 and that's that?
  4. Sure, you're cool. Just make sure the 12 dark is total darkness no leaks no disturbance. The darkness will trigger flowering in the plant. Takes a few days for them to get the idea that life is not eternal. There really is nothing beneficial for the grower to do. The light does it all for you.
  5. Yes. That's that.

  6. I did 36 of dark followed by 14 days under veg light mh in my case it keeps the stretch down. The darkness just gives flower a boost. Light distance from veg cut it pretty much in half i sit at right about 8-10 inch under a 1000w hps ive only seen light bleaching on a foxtailed cola.

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