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  1. I've been a long time user of bongs, bowls, and pipes for 3 years. A month before today, I have only smoked 3 blunts. I smoked all the 3 with the same guy on seperate occasions. Blunts just recently began to give me a really different, better high than bowls. It really hits me way faster, and I actually know when I'm high, contrary to bowls mostly. I just taught myself to roll blunts. I love blunts now. I would never have thought I would switch to blunts, I normally rediculed blunts for wasting weed and shit, but I don't even care now.

    Has this ever happened to anybody?
  2. Yes, when I first started I mostly smoked out of pipes. Then bongs and joints after that. But for the past 6 months or so I've just been smoking blunts. I spend $8.75 a day for a five pack of swishers. I love smoking blunts because of the same reasons you do.
  3. It might have something to do with you being less familiar with blunts, having smoked way more bowls. I like to change it up fairly regularly, I have a bowl, bubbler, and bong that I rotate between with the occasional joint thrown in. I don't really feel a huge difference in the highs, but YMMV.
  4. If you never smoked tobacco before, you're probably feeling the slight high you get from nicotine. There's a slight synergy with weed that can be quite enjoyable, just try not to turn into a full-time tobacco smoker. It took me about five years of trying to quit before I eventually did.
  5. I go through love and hate phases with blunts. The dude above me is right though. That quick immediate rush you feel is the tobaccy.

    I like blunts for watching a good tv show or movie, because it's something you can do and watch the show vs. F'ing with my bong and herb iron and being distracted.

    Lately I've been using large clear wraps instead of blunts. They burn just as slow, but no tobacco.
  6. Yeah, the nicotine high seems very plausible. I think ill just smoke 'em during activities like playing Skyrim or watching Netflix. I love rolling though. Gives me a sense of accomplishment if I roll a good blunt. I also would prefer blunts during toking sessions with friends. One of my friends hates blunts, because they're harsh, but for me, I honestly never had a really harsh hit from blunts. I mean, there is an uncomfortable dry lungs feeling when I exhale, but that's fine for me.
  7. I was a daily blunt smoker for 5 years. My lungs are fucked because of it. I practically need water filtration now...
  8. beware of heavy blunt smoking, not only does it use a lot of weed, but you're tolerance will also skyrocket, not to mention your lungs will hate you. Used to smoke blunts very frequently, not anymore though, only when I have other people to throw down on one with me..
  9. Ill have to try not to pick up a blunt habit, I'm a vocal major in high school lol. My lungs are already punishing me.
  10. Almost the exact same thing happened to me a few months ago! I used to smoke bowls alll the time and would smoke blunts more so when I was with groups of people, but once I taught myself how to roll I fell in love with it :love: I just love the whole process. Andd I actually don't waste too much weed (not more than I normally would) because when I was smoking by myself I would just roll like a .4 or .5, smoke about 2/3 of it, then save the rest for a little later.:D
  11. Haha, must be a NJ thing. I used to do the exact same right down to the weight and saving the last 1/3 for later.
  12. Yeah..I smoked blunts for a few years but quit because of the tobacco mostly, honestly I wouldn't smoke too many..get some king size raws
  13. Blunts=Tobacco

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