Switching to all DC fans

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  1. In an attempt to chip away at my electric bill and reduce my carbon footprint, I've been evaluating what devices have room for efficiency improvement. My tent full of AC fans seemed like the perfect thing to tackle. I use one floor fan and several clip ons and their combined wattage is probably 150-200 watts. That's more than one of my LED panels on full blast. I had a couple rechargeable USB powered DC fans I had bought for other purposes and had been impressed with them, so I got on Amazon and found the cheapest USB powered (no battery) fans available and one 60 watt, 6 port power supply to power all the fans. I've yet to receive the floor fan I ordered, but these Beskar clip ons are seriously impressive for $16. They don't look like they'd move much air, but I swear, they are more than twice as effective as the larger AC fans they replaced, and they use 3 watts on max power. They have tiny little blades that seem to produce a more even and predictable spread. My old fans seemed to only put out air on the edges. Only complaint are short, hard wired cables, but I found a six pack of monoprice extenders for $7 on Amazon.

    I also replaced my two warm mist humidifiers I use in my home because I found out they draw 400 watts EACH. Yikes. I already use RO water for humidification so the switch to ultrasonic should be smooth.

    These purchases should pay for themselves over time and they weren't really that much to begin with. Shoulda done this way sooner!
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  2. Too many fans.
  3. Nah, those clip fans don't push air very far and I pack the canopy wall to wall. Need one in every corner. I don't like to do heavy defoliation so good airflow is critical. I also use the fan on the floor to keep the mist from the humidifier from causing a pool and pockets of super humid air, since it sinks to the floor if not whipped up. My old ones seriously hardly seemed to be on like 6 inches in front of them. These are much better, but it's still just a little clip fan.
  4. I've used several kinds of small fans recently, they are good but the air circulation is limited for the wattage used. I switched to an AC infinity 6inch oscillating fan and I kept one floor fan in my 2x3 closet grow. My grow is cooler and air is distributed evenly threw my space.

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  5. For the watts used? On high, these fans draw 3 watts. The cloudray S6 draws 12 watts on high, so I could run four USB fans with the same power as one S6. Four of these fans is also the same cost as an S6. I've also heard the oscillation breaks on those ac infinity fans all the time, so you're stuck with a $50 stationary clip fan. Two of these Beskar fans per plant is plenty to keep air moving through the canopy and it's nice to be able to hit it from multiple sides and they only cost like $12 each, so when one does die, easy to replace. I do use AC infinity for intake and exhaust because they just simply make the best inline fans and controllers on the market, but I've been very happy with these clip fans for general circulation.
  6. You'll be spending more in the long run from replacing them over and over again.

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  7. My previous ones have been running 24/7 for 4 years...

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