Switching to Aeroponics from drip

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  1. About ready to transplant my NL and Mazar X Afgan into my hydro system and thinking about making an aeropnics setup instead.

    Is it ok to have one bar in the middle spraying the net pots on only one side or do I need sprayers on either side spraying so the entire pot is getting sprayed evenly?

    Also a timer? How many times a day? I can water in increments of 15 minutes, just not sure how many times a day to water?

    Thanks guys!
  2. I have aeroponic setups for the clones and pre-veg plants. I run the sprayers the whole time that the lights are on. I also have the sprayers in a square configuration so that the net pots get it from all angles. Not the only way to do it, but the way I do it.

    Good Luck!
  3. Cool dude. So you run 18/6 and have the spray off for 6 hours? What if they came on every hour or every 15 minutes?
  4. Yes - this is what I do. You may want to do a search to see what others are doing.

    Good Luck!
  5. here is a link to a site that has plans for an aeroponic system. also, you should invest in a cycle timer. they are about 70 but allow you to cycle 1 on 5 off around the clock. you do need to water while the lights are off so the roots dont dry out.
  6. when growing with aeroponics (real or fake) you can't go longer than 5-10 minutes without watering....especially not with REAL aeroponics.

    I'm guessing your probably doing fake aeroponics, where you use a submersible pump with micro sprayers?? if so, then at first you will be best off to just leave it running 24/7 no need for a timer... once the roots grow down into the reservoir.....it really doesn't matter because then it will just work like a regular DWC system.

    You don't have to have have sprayers all around the netcups, the most common layout is 4-8 netcups with the sprayers running down the middle (length wise). the netcups will still be completely wet all around because of splattering water and wicking
  7. what's real aeroponics?

  8. I explained it all in great detail in this thread

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