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  1. growing white widow for the first time. only other grow is right now in my greenhouse in ne ohio. my white widows were started under flor. lights and now moved to my 600 metal halide conversion light. they are about 6 to 8 inches tall and about 4 weeks old. when and how big should they be before i switch to 12/12. greenhouse stuff from bag seed from a friend and they will be finishing at different times. i put one in hydro unit and it seems to be about 3 times as big as the miracle gro dirt. got a lighted micro/magnifacation tool and the two closest seem to have some clear and some cloudy trich. started them in june and they were an experiment because i grow all kinds of veggies and wanted to see how i could do. never smoked before but really want to try since ive been raising them like my kids. figured id wait until 8 weeks for the 12/12 and wait for 50% amber trichs to harvest.. can i cure/dry the plants in my garage (live in ohio by the way) because i dont want them near my inside stuff because of spider mites
  2. really the best time to place a plant in to the 12/12 induction cycle is when the plant is growing alternating nodes, ie. where the leaf is growing out of the stalk in a staggered pattern, not growing directly across from each other. usually this begins to happen when the plant is around 6-12 inches. Some people let theirs veg longer to make a bigger and stronger plant in the end, but its not required.
  3. sorry for the thread hi jack but i have a couple of plant between 14"-18" and they are stillin veg. if i put them in to flowering now how much more will they grow in height till they ready for harvest? i think i have read somewhere that they will double in size in flowering is this true?
    thanks allan
  4. yea it reaches double the size..or even triple...

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