Switching to 12/12 to force Lowryders to Flower

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  1. Hello,

    I have a couple of Lowryder plants, on 20/4 under 4 CFL's. They are about 60 days in now. I need to get them finished asap as I am planning to move, I am not particularly bothered about getting a massive yield, I just wanted to try them out and have a nice smoke for a day or 2.

    I have read quite a few forums but cannot find a definitive answer, if I stick them on 12/12, will that force them to bud quicker?

    Have a nice day,
  2. If they are original lowryders, they only have about 2 weeks left anyway, there is really nothing you can do to speed up the flowering of lowryders. If you do not already have decent flowers then you probably do not have a true auto. I have grown a few auto strains, and most show sex in the first 2-3 weeks, so 60 days in you should alreayd have decent flower developement and they really only have about 2-3 weeks left. Most of the Joint Dr's lowryders are done in 80 days or less.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply lessismore,

    I bought the seeds as Lowryder 2, so, if they aren't, and therefore are not fully auto-flowering, I should probably stick them on 12/12 for flowering?


  4. After 60 days, if you do not have well forming flowers growing, then they are definately not lowryder or lowryder 2. I have grown several auto strains and they always are beginning to really fill out once they hit that 50-60 day time frame. Most of the lowryders will be finished in about 75-80 days.

  5. Well, that is a pity, but I guess there is no point in throwing them out now! At least they are females!! 12/12 from now on, I have time lapsed the whole grow from start to finish and will share when they are done.

  6. Did they autoflower under 20/4 lighting? If they did, they probably are Lowryders, and I wouldn't switch to 12/12. If they're already flowering, 12/12 is just going to slow them down and decrease your yield
  7. Well, they have gained that wonderful smell, but not massively strong at the moment, plus they are developing white pistils, but only a few, due to the time lapse, I can see that they are putting more effort into further leaves rather than the development of these pistils.

    Does switching to 12/12 make no different to auto-flowers?

  8. no,they flower based on age not the photo period,they will flower even under 24rs of light.:D
  9. It would look like these are unlikely to be Lowryder 2's. In which case leaving them on 20/4 would seem to just continue the veg stage, so I might have to experiment with 12/12.

  10. i had same problem with my lowryders 2, i ordered them from attitude 55 day passed and they didnt even show sex and then i put them in 12/12 and they flowered.
  11. ta protoss, I shall keep the forum informed of the results.

  12. Yes, as many can see here, we have to be very careful of online seed resellers. Lowryders and Auto strains are very in demand now. Every auto strain I have ever grown showed sex in 2-4 weeks, and the longest was the Auto AK which took about 902 days from start to finish.

    Go to 12/12 b/c it seems you have something that is not a true Auto strain and they may need a little kick to get them going. Remember, you are probably looking at a min. of another 4-6 weeks if they are just showing signs of flowering.

  13. yes those are not LowRyders but all in all you have nice plants, maybe even a mother to take clones from if you wish to do so. If the leaves are fat like indica or is a indica/sative mix you'll see sex in a couple of weeks but if they are true sativas (skinny leaves, kinda lanky, big internode spacing) then it may take up to 4-5 weeks but I'm willing to bet it is mostly indica so hany in there an you may want to try some bending since your plants will at least double in height if it's mostly indica and I'm not sure if you have the lights and penetration to support big plants like those so be careful.
  14. Damn, I sure have been hearing a lot about poor quality autoflowering strains from some of the seedbanks. That really sucks, cuz they are fun to grow and can keep even an impatient person occupied with their rapid progress. I would recommend that anyone who enjoys these plants and gets a good specimen should allow one to go to seed. Even one plant will produce you enough seed to last for years.
  15. ive got the same problem,i ordered from attitude lowryder 2 feminised seeds,imy plant sprouted on 3/7/09 ,and i have yet to see any signs of flowering
    plant seems to continue to grow,she is now 12 inches,i font know wots up,or if i should try to switch to 12/12
  16. I also went to the Attitude and have the same problem... Never going their again. I got auto AK47 from the same place and the seeds weren't even mature.

  17. Ditto.....

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