switching to 12/12 to early...............

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  1. I'm new to this iv got a lowrider stealth growbox with a lil 6 pot bubbler system in it and ther 100 watt Cfl,s 2700k the inside is wrapped with mylar and has to fans one blowing in and one blowing out its desent but the lights are too right but its getting the job done iv got 4 plants that made it two Aussie blues one 8ball kush and one unknown they are bout 6 in tall and vegged for close to a month the root mass is huge and at least a foot long on all of them some longer I just switched to 12/12 and I'm worried I did it to early and another thing my plants are short but really bushy but I want them to be short cus my box is only two ft tall so not much space they've been flowering for four days today and I can't see anything that looks like any sex at all there's a great dank smell that the babysitter put off tho that's for sure and they're just growing and growing but not fast enuf vertically so I'm worried I switched to early any body for any ideas I'd tips Im fitting a microscope lens today like the ones they use to check trenchcomes to see if I can spot any pistols starting any tips would be very helpful ok.... much love-n-respect ..p.m.a.
  2. I meant I have 3 100 watt cfl,s my bad please respond soon
  3. Id say a bit too early but im no expert, if they females then they should still bud, just not as much as you could have had. Also as its been four days into 12/12 your going to have to stick with your decision dude. Have u got pics? U may get more guidance from more experienced blades.
    Hope this helps a bit bro... Peace and good luck =)
  4. Thanks man I just hope they show ther sex soon they were feminism seeds but that dosnt guarantee anything and iv got tons of pics but have no idea how to put them on here do u
  5. ffeminised***
  6. How to download pics i just cannot figure it out
  7. Are u on your comp or phone? Im on a mobile and at the bottom it says send attachments or cancel... You wanna find attachments
  8. Yeh i'm on my cell but when i push the attachments button it saise i need a url address i don't know what or how to do it do u what do u do
  9. No idea sorry bro...
    U could try contacting GC mods as it could be a fault there end....
  10. when my plants were 6in tall they had a very thick stem thats the only issue will the stem break when the buds get heavy other than that it should be fine if the stem bends then just use something to hold the plant upright (broken stem wont grow)

    use the attachments to post pics urls are for if u use imgshack or something like that to host your pics

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