Switching soils mid grow, also, Happy frog or Ocean forest soil?

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  1. hello everyone, i have a question.

    If you start a seedling in a certain soil, is it acceptable when it comes time to transplant to use a different soil to transplant said plant into?

    I started my 24K in Happy Frog potting soil, I only did it in that because I thought id be able to get more but long story short the place I get my gardening supplies isnt carrying it until next spring so i have to find somewhere else to get it.

    In the meantime, i have stuff made by the same people who make Happy Frog (Fox farm) called Ocean Forest potting soil.

    would it be acceptable for me to transplant my 24K into the Ocean forest?

    and also, while I'm at it, which is better, happy frog or ocean forest?
  2. They're both great. And to answer your question, yes you can transplant it into FFOF.

    This is what I've found works best for me:
    40% Happy frog 40% ocean forest 20% perlite
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  3. Ocean forest is "hotter" than Happy Frog, more suited towards nitrogen hungry vegetative plants. I would do a half and half mix if you're worried about burning your plants.
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  4. I transplant from plain ole Jiffy Starter soil into 75% FFOF and 25%Perlite..never a problem, but you sure can tell when the roots 1st hit the Fox Farm Ocean Forest..LOL
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  5. alright thank you guys! going to do that right away.
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  6. I always add some quality worm castings give it a try you will never go without after a run with them, besides having some bug retarding quality they really stabalize your soil and you'll have less issues....

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