Switching photoperiods.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Noam Chongsky, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. For years I have simply (and blindly) followed this rule;

    1. 24 hours for cuttings and newly germinated seedlings
    2. 18 hours for vegis
    3. 12 hours for flowers

    I have noticed that for the most part - this seems to work the best.

    However - I have always had difficulty with growing sativa plants - as they take so long to fully mature. I understand that this has a LOT to do the genetics, but it seems to me that environmental conditions - prior to the lights being switched will also play a big role.

    Does anyone else agree that one of the main reasons that the sativas take ages is because they continue to vege for a lot longer than an indica would do - once the photoperiod has been changed to a 12-12?

    I've noticed that my indicas seem to immediately get on with making bud - but the sativas continue to grow taller and bushier for a couple of weeks until full flowering actually begins.

    For me - this raises the question - should late vegative sativas (or any plant) be switched to something like a 15-9 cycle for a couple of weeks - lets say two weeks before i would normally change to a 12-12?

    I have the time to change it on a day by day basis if that could help?

    It seems that by replicating a natural process (the changing seasons) might perhaps provide benefits to plant health in general.

    Most of the growers i've met - leave there plants in 48 hour darkness before they switch the lights to a 12-12. To speed up the bud production.

    Surely this is incredibly stressful for the plants?

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