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Switching out bong parts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LiL BiG KiD, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. How the hell does it work? I want to buy a bong and attach a precooler and a fat bowl to it, but I'm a little fuzzy on how. I know getting the same sized parts is essential, but I'm not sure about some other things.

    If I get a new bowl for a precooler, how would I attach a downstem to it? Are there downstems short enough? Are there specially made bowls for precoolers?

    What about sliders? Would the slider be the bowl itself or the precooler?

    Any other supplementary knowledge about customizing my soon to be new bong would help :eek:
  2. pics would help
  3. So far, the results of my research indicate that if you keep buying parts, eventually you'll be able to make a bong from among them.

  4. So I should buy a bunch of shit and hope I can do something cool with it all? I work at a grocery store, I'm tryin to get exactly what I need and nothing more lol
  5. Dude you don't need a downstem for a precooler...
  6. The Downstem(female part) inserts, or is already in the bong. Then the bowl can go in, or if desired a precooler. The bowl just attaches ontop of the precooler. Theyre tits.

  7. Oh so I don't need a downstem for the bowl to attach to the precooler? For whatever reason I thought the smoke would only be cooled if it came out of a downstem, and was filtered through the water in the precooler from under the water. Does that make sense?

  8. It does get filtered through the water, you just don't need a downstem. I guess it's just built in.
  9. Thanks for the answers. So from what I've heard, I attach the downstem to the bong itself, then the precooler attaches to the downstem, if I want to put one on (which I do), then the bowl simply attaches to the precooler, with or without another downstem, and viola.
  10. yes mann... just make sure the joint sizes are correct.
  11. Sorry for this poorly drawn diagram, but it should help a little (No mouse. Laptop). Basically you're going to want to make sure the joints match up (i.e. same size).

  12. "This image or video has been moved or deleted" lol
  13. Damn. I deleted it off my computer. Let me draw another one.
  14. [​IMG]

    My other one was better. I'm just high right now.

  15. LOL I applaud your effort man +rep

  16. I'm not recommending that as a strategy. It gets expensive. I break glass, though, so most of my shit has glue marks or some tape here or there :)
  17. So far I've never broken any glass, but the day will come lol

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