Switching light cycles?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by beefcake, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. are there any disadvantages in beginning the flowering stage before the plant has fully matured in the veg cycle. I am curious as to how long I should keep my plant in veg cycle, and if I wanted to start flowering when my plant got to about 20 vertical inches. Is this wrong, or should I wait till the plants is fully mature. I do not know when to start flowering.
  2. Don't go by a certain height. Ideally wait for alternating nodes, but you can go to 12/12 any time you want. The disadvantage to doing it early is that you will not have developed the plant very much in veg, so you will have fewer secondary branches so less yield. I recommend you veg for minimum 4 weeks, a little extra time can make a big difference in the end. Look into LST and topping/fimming as ways to keep height down.
  3. thanks toastybiz. I actually just topped the plant today. im at the 10th vertical branch right now. I started with a 3 week old clone on the 2nd of this month. Its grown exponentially since. Im using 3 cfl's and I am very surprised as to how large my plant has grown in the little time i have had it.

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