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  1. i have switched my lights into 12/12 a few days ago to induce the flowering stage, and i have a few questions. first, it is VERY important that my girls arent exposed to any light while they are asleep right? thats pretty obvious. but also, im looking at my ladies and some of the side branches are stuck under the big fan leaves which are blocking the light. i want to trim off all the fan leaves so all the side branches would be fully exposed. i am a first-timer at this so i dont know if this is commonly done or not. can anyone give me any feedback on whether this is a good idea or no?


    happy growing of all your succulents
  2. You can take off a few of the fan leaves but so gradually so you dont shock your plants. Also make sure you take off no more than 30% of the leaves as your plant needs as many leaves as possible for photosynthesis.
  3. Yeah really you shouldn't trim unless its really crucial. It's better to tie your big leaves, or
    side branches, into better positions than to trim. Just be sure that if you do tie anything
    into a different position, not to close a loop around any branch because as the plant grows
    the stems will thicken and any kind of "noose" around a branch will stunt its growth.

    I used to believe that you should trim slow and over a few days but now If I do any trimming
    I just get it all done in one shot. Never had any bad experiences with that, but I don't trim
    very often.


  4. Definitely do not trim unless you absolutely must. If a fan is blocking a branch just tuck the fan under the branch.
  5. tuck them down and under the branches. dont cut them until its dead, or if it refuses to cooperate.

    your plant uses the leaves to store its excess energy, and it will call upon that energy when its late in flowering, its a good idea to leave as much as possible

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