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    What's up Blades :wave:

    Okay, so I found out this trick that I can just switch on in my brain.

    This all started about 5 years ago when I was doing some psychedelics. One of the times I had a very bad trip. It was only bad because at the time, I did not do a very good job of controlling my mind. Now with alot of practice & positivity I feel like I can control that perception.

    The bad trip was a perception I've never had before, the world looks entirely different, it's just fucking weird, It's like I'm looking out through another set of eyes at a whole new world, just very weird.

    And along with the altered perception, I also get this whole body "feeling", a feeling I have never felt before in my life. My whole body is tingling and numb. All my feeling has been removed from my hands and body. I could be touching sandpaper, knives, water, metal, and I wouldn't know the difference.

    Now in between those 5 years, I would get those same "feelings & perceptions" without being on any drugs or psychedelics. It would just happen out of memory, and once I triggered this, that feeling would last for about 10 minutes, and it feels & looks like a place I have never seen before. A alien experience & feeling. One time it happened on my way to work, and since I close all feeling. It couldn't 'feel' myself holding the steering wheel, or feel myself pressing the gas or brake.....at the time, I couldn't control it in my mind, and starting to have a bad trip (without any drugs lol)


    Now about 2 years ago, when I started meditating alot & becoming very spiritual, I started to transports perceptions of different beings close to me. However, this one, happens really randomly and I cannot control this one. For example, A cricket was in my basement a couple years ago, and I saw him running across my carpet, immediately when I saw him, my perception turned into a crickets perception. I was an inch off my own carpet, starring straight up at myself ( and couldn't ever see my face just the bottom of my chin), it felt like the walls and my body were 1,000 feet tall. It lasted for about 1 minute. And then I jumped back into my body. This altered perception has only happened to me probably about 7 times, with a bird. My own dog. A tree. And even this one kid I know. I went into their own views, saw what they were seeing, traveled into their conscious & saw different perceptions. And I know for a fact that was what they were viewing. About a month ago i went into a conscious off a lady on an airplane miles above me in the sky. I saw other people on the plane, the color of the interior and seats, and then was looking down on everything out of the window.

    Now.....does anyone else have any similar experiences??? The first (perception & feeling) I have trained to do automatically, like a switch. I can now experience two different realities, and I can feel two different realities. It's surreal. I really would like to be hooked up to some scanning machines that records my brain, and then switch in & out of those different perceptions.

    The 2nd kind of perception is the best. And I'm trying to discover how to tap into this automatically. We are all one species connected to each other. The Oneness.

    I've only read a little information about this in this one book. How people can live in all their life perceptions & feeling simultaneously as one.
  2. I have had similar experiences after tripping on DXM. I eventually developed the ability to, while sober, control my perception and perceive the world how I viewed best fit. My perception eventually was quite fucked after doing this for the duration that this lasted. I thought of myself as a time and space bending fractal man who could go into any direction into the future by changing my perception bit by bit every second. I eventually ended up as a wizard who could manifest things with his magic or in other words a businessman who could buy things. I had too much fun with this and i was put in a mental health facility because what i was doing to my mind wasn't healthy although quite entertaining it scared the shit out off the people around me. Now i just perceive myself as being in heaven, while still properly operating my logistics.

  3. Thanks for that link, will definitely look into him.
  4. David M. Eagleman, Ph.D
    Departments of Neuroscience and Psychiatry
    Baylor College of Medicine
    1 Baylor Plaza
    Houston, TX 77030

    Assistant: Sean Judge
    (713) 798-6224

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  5. I have had the perception and feeling experience happen to me quite often. It's a rather cool experience. Once I sart thinking about philosophy and the lives of others and my own in the past, present and future, including death, this is when "the switch" gets turned on and my perception on, well everything related to the subject becomes altered and the feeling of my body similar to how you've explained. It's very strange/ enjoyable and it happens not so often but only when I think about the particular subject.

    Sounds crazy and may be hard to understand but it's kind of difficult for me to explain.
  6. I completely agree with all of You, every view point you want. Anytime, any place. It is learning to keep the balance with in you, to avoid traveling the other path.

    Be at Peace, My Friend.
  7. i have had similar experiences with animals..
    when its not that, its just third person angles most of the time..
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    I can relate to a similar program of perception.. I think it can be a very useful tool to understanding where others are coming from. Usually I don't physically try to visualize there perception (although it is a fun experience while stoned :)), but I will try to "tap" into there minds way of thinking to try to objectify both of our interpretations. If finding the middle ground doesn't work, it usually helps to at least understand them and how to go about the situation without disturbances..

    Psychedelics can really teach your mind some neat tricks. The real trick is to be open to new possibilities, not just rational regurgitated knowledge. The imagination is a very powerful, and useful tool to knowledge IMO. I think a lot of people don't realise how necessary it is to learn new things.. (on your own I'm saying) Pretty much all knowledge required a little bit of imagination when it was first learned..

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