Switching indoor grow in MG soil to outdoor Organic

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by WhileUWereSleep, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Yea I was thread surfing and i came about something dankohzee posted( props out to his organic production thread)..
    2 parts vermiculite
    3 parts peat
    2 parts perlite
    2 parts cow manure
    3 parts topsoil
    ½ part bonemeal

    I was wondering is this a suitable for a forest grow and i heard bears are attracted to cow manure or something is that true? And does this bring about any outdoor animals or insects?
    Thanx all help appreciated
  2. As far as I know, bears do NOT eat cow manure. That would be OK, but add an ounce a gallon of lime.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha
  4. just dont go visit your site with a bag of chips or some cake lol. they will find your plants from the smell of food and tear shit up.
    one bear might whipe his ass with your fan leaves .
  5. Hey i was wondering I was at canadian tire and saw organic choice........perlite,vermiculite,and caddle manure.....as well as a box of bone meal and blood meal......Its a little late in the season u dont think the bone and blood meall will attract animals if i dont let it sit before laying it outdoors.
    But do you guys think this is a suitable growing mix?....And i noticed the bone and blood meals containe no potassium...During veg do they need any?...If so what could i get to help?Im pretty sure my ultra bloom has potassium in it for wen it flowers
  6. Avoid blood and bonemeal if there are bears and raccoons around. Most important: NEVER use any type of fish emulsions or any type of fish ferts as bears will dig out your plants looking for that fish.
  7. It came in a box and i havnt quite had time to look at it.....Is blood and bone meal mixed in normally with the soil or diluted in water and used as a fertilizer.....I jus wanna know how much of each box to mix in to a foot deep plot wide and long enough for 3 plants..
  8. It´s dug in.
  9. I have an approximate 3 cubic foot spott so im thinking the whole bag of organic choice,, the small bag of perlite and the small bag of vermiculite the whole bag of cow manure and 1/2 cup of blood meal and 1 cup bone meal per square foot then mix in??Or should i add more??Im going to let the soil sit for a bit water it ......And tranplant in a week or 2..

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