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Switching from veg to bloom????

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by B-Town Bud, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. So for some reason I though i read this now I cant remember is there any steps you need to take before you switch these lovely ladies in to flowering.(I.E. stop giving them grow nutes, or give them bloom nuts before or anything of that nature?) Any tips or things I need to know about switching from veg to bloom would really help. Thanks guy!!!:smoke::D
  2. Lights to 12/12. Thats it.
  3. What about 36hr dark before or bloom sloution before? Any other Tips out there?
  4. That might hasten bloom, but it might also stress your plants out.
  5. flip your lights straight to 12/12

    you can start bloom nutes slightly before the flip, or you can do veg nutes a week or two after the flip....as long as there are no nutrient deficiencies, pH problems, or too much salt buildup, youre fine

    if you have any of those problems, flush/leach the soil before you flip, and bloom nutes from there on out
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    I've seen results of a crop that, by chance, had an appx. 30 dark period in between 18/6 and 12/12. I've gotta say, the name of the strain lived up to its' name "45" because it still took 45 days to flower. I noticed no benefit to be had from the interim darkness.

    EDIT: I like to give my ladies a couple plain waterings towards the end of veg and start bloom nutes a week to 10 days before the 12/12 switch. I tell myself that it helps keep the height in check better. LMAO. Everyone's got their ways.

  7. not just your imagination my man...bloom nutes almost always have a lower ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus, which means less vegetative growth / stretch in early flower
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    As i am fully aware. I was just wording it in a way to provide myself with plausible deniability in case someone tries quoting my words as gospel. ;)

    Plus, everyone has the luxury of accepting or refusing advice given the absence of a price tag. I don't want to make it sound like i've found some secret formula for Space-Weed. :laughing:

    BTW: amoril, i've yet to see you 'round my journal. Is this a social snubbing?? :( We keep passing in the halls. :) Stop on by sometime so you can see just how hypocritical my advice is. LMAO.
  9. So you guys bring up a interesting point I want to make sure they don't get to tall so should I just give them nutes or water before I switch to 12/12 they are about 1 1/2 ft tall now and i cant have them over 4 am i cool?:confused:
  10. You're looking at a 3 to 3 1/2 ft. tall plant at harvest time. As far as the water, you'll just have to feel that one out. Most plants need slightly less water and lower humidity during flowering. I don't use nutes anymore, so I can't offer you any advice there. Hope that helps.

  11. well, you may want to do a little trim and LST if youre still in veg, maybe drop 6"-8" or so off your height if youre clever with it. this would add about a week of veg to get your new growth tips all in order.

    either way, youre going to walk a fine line with nitrogen. give it too much, and youll stretch your way to the top. too little, and youll have a nute deficiency (most likely, yellowing will be your tell).

    what nutes are you using? that kinda info would help a lot at this point
  12. I'm using bio-grow and bi-bloom and I think I'm suppose to give them bio-grow and bio-bloom while I'm blooming? But I don't know if I should just use the bio-bloom instead of a mixture the ingredients are the same but the bloom is just weaker than the grow solution some one mentioned that earlier in the thread. But I mean I just want to make sure I have enough room because it is really worrying me. I gave them bio-grow yesterday and I'm switching them into bloom today so just any tips that you guys use is what I was after with this post.
  13. I switch nutrients the same time I switch lights. Works for me.
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    Make sure to water with plain water before feeding on top of/right after a feeding. Especially if the feedings are of a different designation (ie. grow to bloom). Otherwise you could unintentionally over-fert and/or build up salts in the soil. Just my $.02.
  15. I alternate from nutes to water each feeding never give it nutes two time in a row.

  16. I keep the metal halide for first two weeks of flower cycle and switch to hps for rest and maybe mh for last week.Using mh the first 2 weeks reduces stretch. Also keep dark/lite temperature ratio within 10 degrees c.Hope this helps Shithead:wave:

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