Switching from mids to expensive shit

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  1. Alright...here's my situation. I've been smoking for like...I dunno...6 years? Anyways, I've been smoking mids, started because that was all I could get, but I continued smoking schwag because it's cheap and I don't need to get blazed out of my mind every time I light up. Plus, I loooove seeing a giant bag of green. Basically, quantity > quality.

    So fast forward to now, I've been fucked over buying shit twice already by the same person. I buy an ounce at a time, so it's real shitty when I get fucked. Anyways, the first time, she sold me this shit that resembled fucking grass clippings straight from a lawn mower. Yeah, it got me high, but I'd have to smoke a ridiculous amount of it, and it wouldn't stay lit for more than a minute. The second time I bought from her, the bag was .25 oz short, but the quality was good.

    Unfortunately for me, I only have a few friends who smoke and we all get it from the same dude, who doesn't carry mids. The one who is able to get it for me is kind of an asshole about weed and refuses to smoke mids and is very adamant about letting me know that he will not smoke mids or get them for me. In fact, he quit chillin with me as much because I don't bring fucking chronic whenever I come to his house. He's a lifelong friend, though. I've known him since I was a kid. So I decided to suck it up and have him get me some good shit. Fucking $60 for a cut. I can't even feel ok about rolling a joint with that shit. But I like to drive and smoke, and I would prefer to not have a pipe in my car.

    So the question is...what should I do? Ideally, I need to find a new person to sell mids to me, but I don't know if that's possible. So, how can I change my smoking habits to accommodate the fact that I spent $60 for a fucking bud of weed?

    **I know that most people on Grasscity do smoke good shit, and that's cool...I totally get that, but how to you regulate yourself so that you're not smoking $20 worth of weed each day?
  2. personally, when i smoke dank bud im high for a good 2 hours and the medicinal effects carry on for another good couple hours after that. so i really need only a few seshes a day if im smoking dank stuff, id say to myself in an average day i smoke like .5 max, obviously theres days i smoke grams and grams but on your average weekday i only need like .5 if its dank. and i carry a pipe in my car, but i have my medical card so its all good
  3. Never knew a story could be so long about swithing weed quality! Anyways op tell your good friend what's up, don't let him punk you. Ask him for his hook up, if he says no just pick up again, follow him to the connect and introduce yourself he won't know wtf to do.
  4. "60$ for a bud of weed" gives us nothing. What exactly is a bud of weed. Smoke fire

  5. Ok, it's a big fat bud...it's a cut. $60 for a cut. I was told that it's called fruity pebbles. But I don't care about that. I'm thinking about maybe packing up the 1-hitter and keeping it with me. I dunno...never had much luck with the 1-hitter. I always end up eating the weed.
  6. I read most of that and I gotta tell ya man mids can suck a dick man
    They give weed a bad name

  7. He didnt say bud, he said a Cut. Which is slang for an eighth ounce....

    60$ an eighth, pretty average around my area if its really good shit. I usually pay about 50$ because i am close with my guy.

    If you really want to save, buy a ounce or so.

  8. I like this suggestion. Straight to the source of the problem. The dude he buys from is a fucking creep, but I'm desperate and...I'm sure he'd be willing to help out a pretty lady in need of some schwag.
  9. Eigth is 30 out here, even for the good shit, but i heard prices just went up since they did that test and found that california weed has such a high THC content.
  10. WTF YOUR FEMALE, THIS DRASTICALLY CHANGES THE SITUATION. Just take the guys phone find dudes number and show up at his doorstep, hell he might even smoke you out and cook you dinner. No offense but your breast are a powerful weapon:devious:;)

  11. Hahaha he definitely would. He's super creepy. I am not offended at all...my tits will be the main attraction if I try to get ahold of this dude. I like the way you think. =)
  12. Damn 60 a eight? Around here an eight of mids goes for 25 and that dank goes for 30-35 an eight lol more than that it better be straight off the dispensary

  13. I mean, it's really good shit. I took a vid of me smoking it...it goes like this:

    --before smoking--
    "Man...this shit's so expensive and ridiculous and bullshit..."

    --After taking 1 hit--
    "Dude...dude...totally fucking worth it."

    But the issue is that I like rolling joints to smoke in the car on my way home from work and I can't do that with this shit.
  14. She's a chick...(Creeps to 31 blog entries)
  15. lol be careful!
  16. i smoke alot of schwag we call it reggie round here and it aint like its dirt weed just regular weed. still gets me high as fuck. my childhood you can't get an oz of chronic for 60 bucks. quantity over quality. although i am smokin some good at the moment.
  17. I would rather not even smoke weed if it wasnt grown properly. I use it for medical purposes though. I also really hate when people use the term 'cut', I have no idea why. Really though, if you like smoking mids, why stop? Find someone else. Do what YOU like to do. Maybe get a half oz of mids and a quarter of dank? When I was younger we would do that. Roll the joints with the mids and smoke bowls with the dank.

    Otherwise, get a better job or work more hours. I barely ever work and I always have money to smoke as much as I want. Im good with money, though.
  18. for me personally it all depends on what's around my area on how i make my decision.. i've been grabbing great ounces of high mids for cheap lately.. the 15-20/g stuff jusn't isn't worth it when it's like this...

    when there's some shitty regs around i'll grab eighths of medical for 45-50... in the fall/winter i grow, but i've yet to grow enough to last me more than a couple months lol..
  19. I used to be the same wat OP. Get a half oz of mids for $60 or an 8th of kronik for $60... I quit smoking for like a year and when i went back to it, nobody in my city was sellin mids anymore, all good stuff. I was upset at first but i got used to it. I like the high better off kronik and i smoke way less of it.

    I understand the part of not wanting to roll it up. I used to smoke mad jays when i was smoking mids cuz its cheap. I rarely roll up my kronik, i just cant afford it. But then again, a jay of kronik is waaaaaay more than i need to get high as shit, whereas a whole jay of mids used to get me decently high. At the end of the day, all im really losing out on is the novelty of smoking something rolled up.

    If you do start buying kronik regularly, just dont roll any of it up and it will last long, as you have to smoke less to get high. And looming into investing into a magic flight launch box vaporizer, ideal for conserving good weed (not that effective for mids), and you can smoke the vaporized weed in a bowl later or roll it up and get pretty high off it too!
  20. keep buying mids, or get the dank and roll three blunts and savor them

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