Switching from hps need LED help.

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  1. Got this tent here:


    The flower space is 36x36x72

    I’m looking for some LEDs for the flower space. I’m not even sure what to buy or how many or how to space them these days. It’s one of the biggest reasons I have never switched before.

    I’m really not looking for a hobby in microelectronics. I am already backed up in building my custom nes-boy’s:


    So I’m looking for what light(s) I should buy for something I can just hang up and plug in. QBs, COBs, dirty knees, look at these. I have no idea wtf the differences are.

    Life is busy these days. Time is my rarest resource. The most I wanna do is maybe assemble some frame/fixture to mount the LEDs to. If that is recommended, where/what are people using for this? I have tools to cut and drill metal and am fine with it if need be.

    Longevity/lifespan is important to me. I don’t want to replace burned leds, or a board that loses lumens too quickly. Looking for a set and forget option.

    Looking to grow 4 plants at a time, 2 then 4 weeks then 2 more. So they won’t all be the same size at the same time. Would that need 2,3,4 lights?
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  2. Go buy from HLG.
    time is busy... yea
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  3. Hes right.. if u want the best just plug and play lights on the market where u dont have to deal with okay production (only the best) go HLG..

    U wont have b.s diodes or uneven soldering all leds are straight.. they care about their product..

    Best spectrum.. one light all the way thru your entire grow..

    Flower tent Vegging outside the flower tent
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  4. One of these will flower a 3x3.
    HLG ELITE 360
    This lamp uses the best boards you can get right now for flowering.

    You can also get it in a kit form for half the price, it shouldnt take you more than an hour to assemble
    ELITE 360 LED Kit
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  5. What about something not $400?

    Anything in $200 range?

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  6. If you’re comfortable with diy, you can hit your target price of $200 give or take, customs, payment fees, etc.

    If you want don’t want to deal with the hassle of alibaba, I agree, get something the HLG offers.
  7. For $200, HLG or Invisible Sun are your best choices currently.

    But their are a handful of small company's that dont have much of a reputation at this time also; some have quality products, others not so much.
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  8. What about something I can buy one of then another later. Are COBs no good anymore? I feel like I was able to pick one up that would do a 2x2 for $80? Or am I high and not remembering right?

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  9. Cobs are still good but not as good as quantum boards.
    Not sure what you mean by buy one now and another later. Do you want to light up only part of your space?

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, MY opinion, man.
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  10. Sc00byD00by's suggestions are great for QB lights. on your ~ $200 budget, I will also just add one other option to consider - inexpensive, easy, and very low heat. You can go 4x QB132 and a HLG-320-2100 driver. Keep the driver out of the tent and the lights put out effectively zero heat even at full max power (at least my 4x 132 boards do, can't answer for the newer V2 version boards, i have the older v1 boards but can't image much heart output differences).

    Not sure what your environment is going to be where your tent is going to be located, but I also have a set of the QB288 v2 boards and they do run hot and output a fair amount of heat at full power - dimmed down at 50% or less it's no issue, but full power will raise my 2x4" tent a good 6-8f over ambient temps and theater's with the driver mounted outside the tent. The 132 boards I have actually put out more power than the 288 boards but a fraction of the heat.
    just something to consider.
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  11. Yeah only part of it for now. Combine it with my blurple until I get more funds...
  12. Then buy one board instead of two and add the second one later. You can dim the power supply so not to burn the board.
  13. Which board? The cob or quantum.

    After getting lots of good info here, decided I am willing to build my own or kit etc... in order to save some money.

    With that said, point in the direction of a great 2x2, and I’ll just get another later on.

    Quick question tho. Would I need 1,2, or 3 lights thar can do 2x2 for my 3x3?

    What is a good congifuration for nice even spread canopy?
  14. Wrong driver. 36? The Rspec are 54 volts. The standard v2's can run on 48 volt drivers. 36 is for qb132's and a few others.
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  15. $200 range?

    Get a 4 pack of qb132's.
    QB132 V2 Quantum Boards
    Get a meanwell HLG-320h-c2100a to run with them in series.

    To keep it under $200 you can use the LRS-350-36 but it's more of a budget option. Not a water resistant driver. Open case with fan.

    Another way to keep it about $200? Order from alibaba. This is a nice looking kit.
    Hlg Driver 301b V2 Epistar / Osrams Oslon Ssl Deep Red 3030 Smd Qb288 Lm301b Mix 660nm Quantum Board Plant Grow Light - Buy Lm301b 660nm Quantum Board,Osrams 660nm Quantum Board,Oslon 660nm Lm301b Led Product on Alibaba.com
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  16. If you want a single "cob" that will do a 2x2 for similar price range get a single qb96 elite v2. Team it up with a meanwell HLG-185h-54a. It will be $150 range.
    QB96 Elite V2 Engine


    The qb96 elite is the best grow light on the market IMO. I think it's better then the new rspec boards. It has more power handling ability and about the same light spectrum for less money.
    IMG_1090.JPG IMG_1092.JPG
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  17. For a 3x3 flower space you want at least two of those. Probably end up running them dimmed a bit. It would be near 400 watts potential maxed with 2 on those 185h drivers.
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  18. Awesome and much appreciated. I was running 2x 600w hps in a 5x10 and a smaller blurple veg tent that does great. But 5x10 is just too much effing hassle for me these days. I don’t sell, so it’s really overkill anyway. So I got that small/mid tent with the hopes of confining everything into one and making it less plants and less work. Perpetually, probably 1-2 plants every 4 weeks. That way I’m cutting 1-2 down per month using my 8 week cotton candy kush strain.

    So I got everything setup and stuck a 600w HPS in that bad mamma jamma...

    And shit got hot. AF! I have to run crazy amounts of air through my cooltube and still not what I’d like. So that is another big push for LED. Less heat. I know LEDs put off heat, but nothing like this. I can easily mitigate the LED heat.

    With doing dwc, is humidity an issue for these?
  19. No they're essentially waterproof if you put some clear silicon over the wire connector after you connected it.

    If you have one of those tents like on the top aren't they 3x4 bloom area? Qb96's are the way to go still IMO. You see what I mean when you see one come on. Wall mount the driver. It couldn't be more simple if you just use a 185h-54a for each one. Just put a plug on the input cord of the driver and run a positive and negative wire up to the board. Push in connector on the board. You would need to splice on the driver output. That's it.
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