switching from HID to LED for flower?

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  1. Hey folks.  Just got an LED for my flower room, after seeing the utilities bill for my HPS and the air conditioner it needed.  But when I got it, it said it's "not optimal" to switch from HID to LED midway throug the grow.  
    So I'm wondering if anyone has any actual experience with this, or at least some insights?  How "not optimal' would it be?  Would it reduce my yield more than I'd save on electricty?
    I just got a 450watt G8 LED, with a 90watt red bulb, to replace a 600 watt HPS.  

  2. Do you happen to know what the actual draw power is or have a link to the light?

    You should be fine switching, but just remember, LEDs draw about 60% of advertised wattage, ~300W of actual draw LED won't produce the same results as a 600 HPS, and you'll still have ~300W of heat to deal with. The lights themselves don't get very hot, but LEDs heatsink still get very hot, and in a contained place it will produce heat. I have 540W (~300 actual draw) of LED and they produce more heat than my 400W HPS with cooltube, not not much more.

    Just wondering how big your room is? I have a 400 HPS stuffed into a tiny wardrobe 30"x16" , and I get about 2F above ambient. No AC needed

    Not trying to sway ya one way or the other by any means, just stating what I have come to learn since getting my LEDs. A watt is a watt, gonna be throwing off around the same heat and light watt for watt, with the LEDs your not gonna have to replace the diodes until they burn out, whereas hps is generally at least once a year, so you eventually save on bulbs, not necessarily electricity though

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