Switching From Dwc To Rdwc Mid Grow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Kingcole, May 20, 2013.

  1. My plants are in week 1 of flower, and I built a RDWC system, unfortunately my plants are all at kind of different stages in their life. We're talking one is 24 inches tall and a giant bush the next one is about 18 inches and less dense, the last is just a little twig. feeding the big one 700 ppm of GH 3 part 500 in the smaller one, and 600 in the smallest one. All plants seem to be thriving, and doing their thing. unfortunately I'm having some ph swings so thats where the RDWC comes in because as far as I'm concerned the less time I have to spend checking multiple resivours the better. Do I dare swap 3 different sized plants into 1 resivour? am I basically sentancing 2 to death or failure?
    If I had a picture without a location tag on it I would post it unfortunately for me iphone nonsense I haven't disabled yet.
    flowering under a 600w hps if that makes any difference, and the 2 larger plants have been fimmed the smallest one has not it's basically lolipopped 

  2. Since they're all on the same flowering schedule they might as well be on the same feeding schedule. I bet if you started the new res at 600 PPM they would barely even notice a change.

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