switching colors or mix um

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cronic chris, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. is it better to mix blue cfl and red/orange cfl buring the grow or just use blue vegg red/orange to flower.
  2. 'Sup dude :wave:. i guess it would be personal choice. having both spectrums is good but each spectrum is made for different times of the season. experiment a li'tl and see how they reach to either or. Atm, i have 3 daylight and 2 soft white in my closet, but im growing Lowryder #2 so ill give them best of both worlds. Peace, e :bongin:
  3. iknow that thay both put out bifrunt spectrum for difrunt seasons i was just wundering if it made a difruns in finished product i know 2 use daylight/6500 for vegg and 2700 for flowering i just wondered if it helpt yild any in the end if you mix um the ho grow or 6500 vegg 2700 flower no mixing im far from a rookie but still not a pro thanks inyway man i may just do this grow mixing and not mix the next grow.has inyone tried this b4 maybe you can save me 6 months time tring 2 find out what works better thanks all.

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