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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 1r0n1ungs, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I've currently got 3 40w cfls runnin 18-6, been vegging for about a week now and Im wondering, (knowing that outside is WAY better for growing), that will it hurt the plant to switch from inside to outside whenever its a good day to grow outside. Just making sure that the outside time keeps within the 18 hours of light time? anyone have any insights into this. Its my first grow and once I get over there Ill take some pictures! Thanks
  2. I do it once and a while and mine seem to like it. just be cautious because you're greatly increasing the chances of picking up parasites from being outside and then risking introducing them to the rest in your grow room.
  3. I would advise some caution with that.

    The sun has a different spectrum than those CFLs and is a LOT a LOT more powerful.
    I actually killed some of my (not mary-jane) house plants with that, they would drop all their leaves in just a single day.

    Don't forget your plants never saw anything outside of the visible spectrum.
    I'd bet ultraviolet light is your biggest concern.
    The smaller the wavelength the more energetic the light.
    And the suns pumps out a lot of that.
  4. ive done it many times in the past,,you can start them inside under those cfls,,,,at 24 on,,,or 18 on,,,,, and when the right time for you,,,take them outside and plant them,,,i used to line the hole very thick in a good potting soil medium,,, and as i planted it,,id drown it real good,,,,and never had a ''transplanting,,or introduction to actual sunlight problem'',,,,maybe im lucky...:eek:

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