switching ballast, no light for 1 hour?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jennybunny, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey kinda weird thread just want to run it by some people and see what they think!

    So im thinking of changing my 600w into a 1000w in the middle of my grow while i can still exchange it. Im on 18/6 right now and it would have to be done while the light period is on. So basicly there would be no light for an hour...

  2. why no just wait till its dark?
  3. as long as its LESS than 12 hours of light, instead of MORE than 12 hours of light, you should be fine. I've have timer glitches/power outages that put my plants out of light for hours at a time, and have never had a herm issue.

    just keep your eye on it
  4. Get a lamp with a CFL and just get some light in there during the one hour period.
  5. just more money then, i know cfls are cheap but i got 1000+ into my grow already and the last thing i need when getting a 1000w is more lights. cfl 150w+ for the bulb is 20$, then i gotta get the socket and stuff. Really wouldnt want to go down that way if i didnt need too :( although it would insure right

    and the reason why i cant do it durring lights out is my lights go out when im at work.
  6. No you just need light, you don't need 1000w. 1 regular 23w cfl would be fine for the hour. Use a lamp or something so you won't need to buy anything.
  7. what if i had just turned the lights out like 2 hours earlier then normal?

  8. no you will be good it will take a lot more than that to herm
  9. one hour off will be fine. don't sweat it.
  10. this.

    you dont need powerful light, you just some light in general, although you will be fine without one
  11. i could just leave my room light on out side my grow and take my plants out i guess right? :p

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