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  1. My auto's are 2 weeks old there about 7 inches showing 3 nodes. They are in 9l pots. I've started them on veg nutes. My MH light is about 2 ft above. They are on 24 h light cycle. I want to switch them but was wondering if I should hold off for another week and maybe stretch them abit more. Aparrently they are designed to go between 600mm to 1.m They don't look like they will go to 1m if you use the x3 size after switching to hps. Any ideas?
  2. with autos you dont usually change light schedule ,Autos grow best either on 24hours light or 18/6 all the way through their growing life ,,,you're on 24 hours light if you want to switch to 18/6 to save money on the electric bill you can ,,but dont cut the light to less than 18hours for your Auto .....mac,
  3. Ok but what about stretching them out abit Ide like abit more height?
  4. they should start stretching very soon now because most Autos start flowering at around 3 weeks or a little more ..then they will stretch ,,,mac,
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  5. Ok
    Thanks for that
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