switching a young plant from 12/12 to 24 hour veg?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by J4K3ST3R, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. they would definitly start flowering before your other plants finish, not sure when exactly. could be anything between 2 weeks and 5 weeks I believe.

  2. so they would flower under 24h light? either way, i decided i wont do that. the growbox isnt big enough. ill have to wait until i can order a tent... and ill get a new light to, get out of the cfls
  3. oh, you mean you want to put the flowering plant in with the seedlings into the veg cycle? dont do that, it would first produce male flowers to pollinate itself and then re-veg and look very crippled while doing so.
    the seedlings would veg fine this way - I though you meant to put the seedlings under 12/12 with the flowering plant.

  4. yeah, i plan to just wait this one plant out. if its a male, cut it out and start a new grow op. if its a female, then maybe transfer it into a bigger pot and make a bigger grow box out of a Rubbermaid tub or something... and add some more lights.
  5. sounds reasonable

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