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  1. Hi all,

    Recently switched to LED lighting (2 x 1200w Besvta Elite) and growing 6 Super Lemon Haze.. grown before under 2 x 600w HID and the plants always more than tripled in size, at least 5 foot in height! Now under the LED's they are barely 2 ft tall.. I vegged as normal for 6 weeks but they were short at 12 inch.. they are now 3 weeks into flower and have stopped stretching.. any is deas why they are so short? Looking to do LSD on the next grow and they are sativa doms too.. but really worried that the yield will be shocking, was getting consistant 4 - 5 oz per plant under HID

  2. I just looked up your lights, the average amp draw on each one is 257 watts. You went from 1200 to 514 actual watts. That might have a lot to do with it.
  3. Sorry for the stupid question but I thoight that was the idea with LED.. consume less power but equal or better HID lighting... i would need 5 or 6 lights to equal the 2 previos HiD lights? Are LED's a waste of money?
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    Not a stupid question. I think a lot of it has to do with what type of LEDs. With the new developments of LED chips, they aren't a waste of time. Search around on the site for "Quantum Boards" you might want to think about going with them.

    Have you changed anything other than your lighting since the last crop? Is there as much growth as before, but just less spacing between the nodes?

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can help you figure out what will be best for you.
  5. Thanks for the reply.. a little less spacing between nodes but nothing drastic. I'll have a look at the Quantum lights but I fear back to HID it is.. I can always use them for veg!
  6. Ni nothing has changed since switching.. same nutes and medium.. i'm lost!
  7. Sounds like you may have the light too close.. What the distance between the canopy and the light?
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  8. You need to back your lights off if you’re wanting them to stretch.... LEDs need to be around 30” from canopy as a general rule of thumb. However.... tighter nodes isn’t a bad thing....

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  9. If you are getting the same growth, but just shorter plants, I don't see anything to worry about.
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  10. First of all from the light description it says these only draw 132watts. Second of all these just look like inferior lights sorry to say. You cant really expect to replace 1200w of HID with $90 of LED. If you want LED that actually works and will kick HID in the booty look up quantum boards:
    Quantum Boards

    If you tell us your space dimensions we can help you pick out the right boards and power supply.
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  11. Also found this reading the questions...
  12. Spectrum could have changed node distance.
  13. Is that what it take to get them to stretch?

    They just dont seem to do it...
  14. Do you run your lights this high even during flower?

    I personally prefer tighter nodes / shorter plants.
  15. It should. If not I dim and back then off to get them to chase the light.
  16. I run my light 18” during Flower. And 24” during veg I don’t like tall plants with lots off space between nodes. But dimming them a bit and running them at 30” I’ve noticed they begin to get a tad stretchy.
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