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Switched to 12/12 now Tent is watery lol

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kaneo, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Hi this is my first grow I only switched to 12/12 3days ago and since then when I go to check on them the tent and plants are not soaking but the tent is like condensation and the thermometer is sayin 80~89% humidity but the temps are fine 28-29 there are 6plants under a 400w light with reflector got a 6"osciliating fan too does anyone know why this is or how to fix this or even know if its a bad or good thing? Thanks in advance
  2. What is your humidity outside the tent?
  3. Your humidity should not be that high during flowering. Lower your humidity.
  4. how is your ventilation??
  5. I'm not sure about the humidity outside the tent ill go check just now and get back to you's what do u think the problems could be and be do I fix them? Also this only started since I flipped to 12/12 3days ago apart from that everything's been fine
  6. honestly i think you might need some better ventilation. if the fan is the only actual air flow you have, thats the problem right there.
  7. I also have a intake an outtake fan but since I flipped to 12/12 haven't really used that
  8. Yes you need true ventilation, with intake of fresh air and exhaust of used air, and also way lower humidity -- 80-90% is almost like a tropical rain forest.
  9. keep yer outtake/exhaust fan on 24/7
  10. yea man, turn that on to reduce the humidity. the airflow aint getting circulated enough. since the plants i think produce way more energy during flowering they probably lettin all that moisture out.

    but btw, i dont even grow hahaha i just thought i might lend 2cents.

    althought, i have grown before ,
  11. My light go out in an hour so I have just put the air/intake fan on but I place in near a flap I open on the inside and have the fan blowing in in from the outside but starting from tomorrow ill put it on again from lights on also do u think I should keep my osciliating fan on when lights go off?
  12. Humidity outside is in the 70s
  13. you need a de-humidifier then... if you don't your going to get mold with 90%, hurry or you could lose your crop
  14. He much are de humidifier?
  15. Tihspeed is right,too many 85-90% humidity days and your crop will mold.I dont know what a dehumidifier costs but id get one.If you have a Dollar store go to the laundry supply area and get a $1 moisture collector bucket and set it in there until you can get more money for a better system.
  16. hello KANEO i have a tent in a rrom in my house and all i do is leave one window open just enough to vent the condinsation out of the warm room i have a 600w hps and i only have a exuast fan as the flaps in my tent are taped open

    as a tip if u have 3 vent flaps in tent then stick one down closed then leave one open and one half closed and i have found playing with them i have managed to controll the humidity in the room and tent. dont use the air intake it will be to much as u are only using 400w let the negitive pressure in the tent suck air in from around the tent through the fent flaps
    i had these same problems but all is sorted now
    good luck on the grow ill keep people posted as im on my first grow
  17. thanks very much dj blend!
  18. Djblend thanks very much mate I done what you said and its worked perfectly cheers again mate could of just saved me a lot of time and smoke
  19. It's all good mate. Check my grow on my threads there at nearly 4 weeks let me know what u think

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