Switched the girls to flower and now they look like they want to die.

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  1. Has anyone encountered an issue like this before?

    1000w hps
    4x4x7 tent
    5gal smart pots / happy frog soil / Cyco Grow A+B + CalMag

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  2. Looks like they need water from what I see from the pics the medium looks dry. Especially the ones with some branches falling over. I've had that happen to me a call times and after I watered they were perked back up in an hour or two...just my two cents could be wrong but I'd try it...

  3. Solved: yep, needed water. Gave 2 water and they perked back up in 20 minutes while the rest lay hanging. Sorry guys....I panicked lol. It's my first time grow....seems to happen a lot :(
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    That lamp you're growing with gets HOT!! We use 4 per room and had to put rather large air conditioners in to help deal with the heat. Also, I don't know what you vegged with, but it's always a shock to them when you change their light source to the much more powerful flower lighting. Be careful growing in those 5 gallon containers. You definitely need to let these plants dry out sufficiently between waterings because they really don't like to sit around in moist conditions all the time. But the bigger the container it is, the harder it is to know for sure how the moisture level stands down around the roots...the most important part of the plant. I used to flower mine off in 5 gallon buckets and it would seem like the thing was bone dry. I finally bought a moisture probe off Amazon with an extra long probe so I could get down around the roots and see. As it turns out, I would often discover that the plant would still register as "wet" when I felt for sure it was time to water. You might think about getting yourself one of those since you're growing in such large containers. A bigger container does not mean you will grow a bigger plant. I had that same misconception myself for a long time when I first started. However, I started doing some experimenting along the way and realized that, with the strains I was growing, a #3 pot worked great...not a 3 gallon, but a plain old #3 pot which is tiny compared to the 5 gallon bucket. By confining the root space, the foliage was forced to grow more which is what we're going for anyway. It's the foliage we harvest, not the roots. More soil for the plant to root into just means that it spends more time and energy toward root development. You want it to have enough room in the container to support the plant, but I see no benefit to using containers that are massive when most strains are on a 60 day flowering time period. I never got root development with the 5 gallon buckets that supported needing a container that large. Also, using the smaller containers greatly increased the free space I have to work...buckets just took up a ton of space. Now with a smaller container, I'm forced to water more often and feed more often because they use up the natural nutrients in the soil pretty quickly and will get root bound to a certain degree, but that's not an issue for me. We flower about 25-30 plants per room about every 10 weeks. Tending a bunch of plants takes some serious time. LOL But I enjoy doing this as much as anything I've ever done in my life. Getting the product in the end is great, but I just enjoy the grow process and watching these things go from babies to fully mature beautiful plants at harvest time.

    Since you're brand new to this, it would be a great benefit to you to go to the new grower threads here and do some reading. There are quite a few threads posted there specifically for the new grower that contain the essential basics every grower has to know to do this without pulling their hair out. You'll learn all this stuff one way or other. You'll either be forced to go hunt it if your plants start having problems or you can read and learn it now to avoid your plants having problems. But information is definitely your friend in the beginning. The more you know about what you're doing, the easier time you'll have and the better the end product will be. Why put your plants through a bunch of unnecessary stress because you didn't take the time to learn the process of growing beforehand? Any time you stress your plants, you've extended the time it will take for them to mature so getting a handle on the right way to do this is totally worth your time and effort. Read up on: Watering: How to know when to water. What kind of water works best. pH range for your grow media. How to water the plant to get the most benefit out of it. Etc. Soil: Your soil can make or break you. Learn what kind of soil is best for these plants and I'm not talking "brand" here. Nutes: Please...do yourself a favor and take the time to learn about and understand nutes. I don't like dumping chemicals into my plants. I've also found over the years that you can grow a beautiful healthy plant without constantly pouring a bunch of chemicals into it. If you use good quality soil and good potting technique, the soil alone can support your plants for a very long time. Bottled nutes are not the only option. I stopped using them because I thought they were just ridiculous....in how much of my time it took to mix up the stupid stuff and in the cost. I switched to "Jack's" by J.R. Peters, a 2 part powder nute package that is easy, the plants love it and it costs about maybe 1/100th of what you will spend on bottled nuts. I can buy enough to last us well over a year for under $15 and we run hundreds of plants through here in the course of a year. It might be something you want to check into. I'm not a fanatic and have no desire to go totally organic, but I do believe that the purer you keep your grow process, the better your weed. These nute makers want you to pour tons of their stuff in your plants so you'll have to come back and buy more. With a soil grow, it does not take near what they recommend you use. Nutes aren't the secret to big buds anyway. The size and density of your buds is directly proportional to the degree of good strong lighting they get during the flower process. You've got a light that will produce KILLER good buds. Just be sure not to crowd your light with too many plants under it and let shading rob you of weight. With the tent you've got, I wouldn't try to flower more than 3 or maybe 4 plants. If you'll keep the number low and give them plenty of room, you'll be quite happy with the end result. Didn't mean to write a book. I can't help it. I used to be a medical transcriptionist for years and I can type almost as fast as I can talk, which makes it real hard to give short responses. LOL Happy growing!! TWW
  5. This site and growers like you guys are a fuckin' goldmine. Thank you so much for that advice I read the whole thing twice. I think I will PM you later if that's alright.

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