Switched her over to bloom nutes on Monday, now looking a little "yellow" ...

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  1. She's an auto. Switched her over to Pure Blend Pro Soil | Botanicare on Monday, and fed twice so far at half strength. Just started looking like this the last few days.





  2. This is a normal process when budding. The fan leaves are no longer able to bring needed nutes to the top of the plant and the fan leaves and other bottom leaves will fall off. The green leaves that are left are the only leaves on the plant that are still using photosynthesis. When the fan leaves and other bottom leaves start to go yellow its a good time to star foliar feeding as the plant will put the needed nutes where it most needs them...IN THE BUDS.
  3. Its goin to get worse as time goes on but its normal, no need to freak out.
    The feeding regime is cutting back on Nitrogen a lot, hence the N deficency.
  4. Thanks for the info Pogmohoin! I've never experienced the budding stage before, so I am sure to have many other questions over the next few months.
  5. I have never done this before either, but like you i got a bit worried and done some reading.

    Its all about experience for me for next years grow.

    Best of Luck.
  6. Just went out and checked on her. She is looking even more yellow today. There are a lot of fine-silvery hairs coming out all over the bud sites. Should I do anything more, or just let her go and see what happens?
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    Dont start cutting nitro until the last month. Wait until they pop at the least. They have poped when they have small white balls of hairs at each tip.

    My bloom formula is 4-8-7 and I spike it with 0-10-10 in the last month and never cut them off from nitrogen. Also make sure that the nutes have all needed minerals and stuff, not just the three main ones.
  8. Im using a 3-part formula, and most formulas dont cut out N altogether but reduce it over time.
  9. What is the N.P.K ratio in the feed you use?
  10. I nuted with Pure Blend Pro Soil | Botanicare two times last week at 1/2 strength. Its ratio is 1-4-5, so it does have that trace amount of Nitrogen. I am now wondering if I over nuted? Or should I get an organic Nitrogen supplement? Does anyone know of a good one?

  11. Using my pictures above as a reference (taken yesterday, but today it looks like even more white hairs have popped out) ... did I use flowering nutes too early?
  12. Dont stress too much. Straight water if your worried.

    Google "yellow leaves during budding" and click images and you will find lots of plants do this when budding.

    I keep reading its normal so someone correct me if im wrong. Plz
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    Your fine. You have seen pics of my stuff and this is all I use. The set at the top of the page.


    I feed 4 to 5 days a week full strength
  14. You said your feeding at half strenght.
    Feed them full strenght cos that feeding schedule has the bare minimum of N it needs.
  15. One option to try would be either work upto full strength nutes and if it start to burn back it off a little bit or bump up only the nitrogen. The nutes I use are around a N ratio of 10 or 12 in veg and around 5 or 6 in flowering, even in flowering a N ratio of 1 seems pretty low to me.

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