Switched from HPS to LED now slow flower development

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  1. I had a 2' x 2.5' x 6' Gorilla tent w/ 400w hps light. I've been using this light and had some decent results before. I started having wildely fluctuating temps and after killing a seedling(managed to save 2) took the opportunity to try LEDs. Needed to get the light asap and funds were limited, but there was a special online and picked up the updated 2022 Bloom plus 1000w LED, with samsung 301's that was rated for veg 3'x3' and flowering 2'x 2'.
    The vegging seemed fine and grew bushy healthy plants with thick main stems. However, now the flower growth has been very slow. Do I need to upgrade LED, or go back to the HPS changing the bulb(thinking erratic Temps because bulb was done) or upgrade the LED? Looking for suggestions, please and thank you.
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    You got lied too that isnot 1000w light
    B1000 only consumes 180W±3%, the electricity.... you need actual 35 watts per square foot of grow space

    Average cost of per watt for led lighting is about a buck per watt. Not 8 cents per watt.
    All Lamps – Horticulture Lighting Group
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  3. How high is your light from canopy? Consider getting a Lux meter to measure.
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  4. tho a lux meter can be used with added math use a PAR meter tho costly

    good luck
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  5. OR Buy quality LED lighting from a reputable company to start off with.
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  6. Yeah, I know it draws about 120w, but that's how mfgs represents the stats for LEDs, as you know. I'm just looking for recommendations on appropriate LED replacements for my tent. Thanks I'll look into the Horticulture lighting link.
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  7. Ok thanks, it's around 10-12" away after moving the inline carbon filter outside the tent. The plants were reaching the light before.
  8. Thanks for suggestions.
  9. Leave ya temp gauge at top most leaf height lower the led until you can hold 77F/25c for 10+ mins
    mark the height by hanging a thread, as an indicator

    check your led site for the best hanging height for that model, be warned many lie

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  10. Massachusetts law - we're not allowed to have more then 36watts per sq foot :eek2:

  11. Nice, thanks for that. Will do.
  12. Not all LED grow Lighting companies lie about what the light draws at the wall,
    I pretty much buy the LED boards from HLG and power supplier from TRC electronics and assemble my own lights .
    I have twenty of these QB288 V2 Rspec Quantum Board – Horticulture Lighting Group
  13. Good to know appreciate it.
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  14. Say what? Really?
  15. cultivation facilities, not home grow. Other states like Illinois have similar requirement thresholds.
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  16. That's have a look at the led, par needs to be over 500 for good plant growth, 700-800 is best IMO
    sorry mate, the led is crap, there not even trying to hide it.
    18" x 18" with reflective walls might be OK, best case.
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  17. Well, thru definitely narrowed it down. Efficient leds or bust. That's all that's really needed, especially if the spectrum is on point which is the biggest problem these days as far as industry standards go. Far cry from the 1200 per 5x5 that was standard hu.
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  18. Been looking at the led again and over all, the led looks good but the panel the op picked, only pulled 90w from the wall
    I recon 4 of these led panels would have worked really well in a 3ft x 3ft flower room.
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  19. Slow grow with leds is usually down to low temps and low transpiration. What does your plants look like in flower? Saggy stance or praying leaves? Usually youll see improvement on plant stamce and growth if you add a little heat; most led growers use 80F as a lower cutoff rather than highest temp allowed. This is down to the missing infrared heating the leaves. Another way would be getting just a little bit of incandescant light in there along with the led.
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  20. Not had this experience, I keep my temps between 20-26c and the humidty between 45-60%, I get fast healthy growth with leds, often high temps cause the humidy to drop and the leaves feel paper thin, stems often turn purple and the plants don't look as healthy, I would never go back to hps.
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