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Switched From Blunts To Joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, May 23, 2013.

  1. So yeah, I switched over and so far I keep liking them even more the more I smoke them. and I really like the high. 

  2. nice man same here! I used to roll blunts every day. I dont want to die a painful death when im 40 tho.
    Now i smoke Raw organic hemp kingsize wraps
    I love the taste and high as well. It is right on par with a blunt if rolled correctly
  3. i mainly use a bowl now, but i still prefer blunts.  more fun to roll, last longer.  drawbacks though, since they waste a lot of weed and some people hate the smell (i only hate it when i try to smoke one inside and the smell lingers all day).
    joints are great too though, just nothing really special there for me.  if i want to conserve i'll use a piece and if i want to go all out ill get a blunt.
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    way to convert to the good side. Staw away from the nasty nicotine filled blunt wraps. Hemp joints all the way!!!
  5. yeah, wraps are nasty.  I roll spliffs all day with HIGH quality tobacco (Peter Stokkbye, delicious stuff, look it up) and Smoking hemp papers.  Those disgusting processed wraps are only for shit weed, you can't taste what you're smoking.
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  7. when Blastoise and I pick up, we always roll a fat j, smashing
  8. I smoke both. Started with blunts only. The area I lived in was full of people smoking blunts, so it was kind of forced. No one knew how to roll a proper joint though. It was always this ugly ass twisted mess. But if you take the time to learn to roll proper joints, they burn just as great as a properly rolled blunt. But smoking both is great. Switch things up now and then. Blunts will always have a nostalgia feel to them though.
  9. Am disappoint son.

    Blunts over all and always will be. But thats my opinion.

    Burn the joints homie! :smoking:
  10. Blunts are fun. But I hate the taste. To me, it seems like it doesn't matter if I got a $25/g of medical in it, or $2/g Schwag, it tastes the same. But they are a classic, there will always be a special place in my heart for blunts

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  11. blunts papers all you guys need is a 4 ft bong glass preferably
    that high is as high as i need to be
    but as i already said elsewhere
    Blunts are a special treat
  12. Blunts all day every day man :smoke:

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