Switchable Ballast Bulb Swap Schedule

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by HydroGanic, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Hey all :)

    Some of us have switchable ballasts out there and I wanted to post a theoretical bulb swap schedule. If anyone has done anything like this I'd appreciate your feedback.

    It's well documented that HID MH light is better for Vegetative growth and HPS is better for Flower growth. Did you also know that MH has been shown to produce more potent medical as well?

    Based on this information I'm working on refining a bulb swap schedule that will maximize both yield AND potency.

    MH for veg through 2nd week of flower

    HP up till 2 weeks from flower

    Last 2 weeks swap MH for HPS every day.

    Obviously this is much simpler with an exposed bulb garden where you can just rig up 2 sockets and swap them out quickly. Anyone using a hood and such will find this to be a royal pain. (sorry)

    Essentially the goal is to keep everything tight and compact with MH then flower out with HPS to pack the yield weight on. The last two weeks you alternate with the MH.

    Hopefully experience proves out that you can start the MH swap the last week and not lose too much yield while still gaining max potency.

    Thanks for your input ;)

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