Switch to hps when flipping to test sex

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  1. Hi grasscity I'm curious if anybody knows if I should bother switching to hps bulb, today they will begin there third dark period since switching to 12/12 , I am testing sex.
  2. Strawberry cheesecake , sprout early september, under 600watt mh ,
    Would you switch in ur hps for remainder of sexing

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  3. Well are you going to flip them back to veg once they show sex? Or be going into flower?
  4. Yes that is the plan ,switch back to veg unless I'm recommended otherwise, I already switched in the HPS bulb . If thats a bad idea ide appreciate any comments and advice.
  5. If they are going back into veg I would have kept them under MH. The HPS wont make them flower any quicker but it will contribute to stretching once they start to flower.
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    :confused_2: they would show sex naturally no matter what the light cycle is
    it's called preflower ;)
  7. What are the benefits of switching back to veg after flipping to 12/12?
  8. so if I switch to hps to bloom it will cause streching or if I use a hps to veg they will strech. Help me out brotha

  9. Hey Grimmlock Benefits = more training so I have an even canopy . And thanks iall put the Mh bck in , it hasn't started its day cycle yet . So no harm to foul. Thaks nug puffer
  10. HPS during any phase will promote stretching and long internode spacing while MH helps produce tighter node spacing and more lush vegetative growth.
  11. Thank u would it b bad to strech it for a week same light schedule tho no 12 yet

  12. no it won't hurt the plants. Probably won't notice much of a change after a week.
  13. Thanks nugg pufr just making sure I kno whats up

  14. Take a cutting and sex it. Back forth back forth back forth ughh

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  15. I agree with Answer here. And as everyone has said it's bad to jump back and forth like that, stresses the plants.

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