Switch starting riots at the Leeds Fest?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. So you think Switch was the one responsible for the riots at the Leeds Festival or what..?
  2. yes...drunken switch did it again
  3. Leeds festival is becoming a problem. Last there was also riots and this year you could tell by the atmosphere something was going to kick off - we didn't stay around to find out. It's not about enjoying music anymore, it's getting like some clubs on Friday nights where people are out for a fight. There is a couple of guys asses I would of kicked if they carried on starting on me. When some punk drunk ass kid starts on a sober me and I'm probably 50lbs heavier than them - who the fuck do you think is gonna come off worse asshole! :mad:
  4. Adam you were at leeds fest? Yer there were riots but they were in red camp and we were in yellow. Yellow is allways the peaceful area where people only did stupid shit like shake the lamp posts until they went out. Which isn't really dangerous. We just wanted to get drunk and listen to good music and have a good time. Ah well...
  5. whoa!!! hey adam!!!! hehe!!! i think people started to worry! Switch, when I saw that headline I just started giggling to myself...you were in my thoughts..drunken swtichy. lol ;)
  6. Bloody northern monkies.....
  7. bloody southern jessies...
  8. HaHa!!! Classic! You replied within seconds, making it just like LockStock!!! *cheers*

    I wanted to go to Reading, but I spent all my money on weed...... ah well :D
  9. don't worry about me. I'll be good.

    I am just going through one of the worse times of my life at the moment and you people here do not need to suffer with me being online :D
  10. btw, adam:
    fuck fuck fuck, mother mother fuck, mother mother fuck fuck, motherfuck motherfuck noise noise noise. 1, 2, 1234 noise noise noise. Smokin weed, smokin whizz doing coke drinkin beers, drinkin beers beers beers. Rollin fatties smokin blunts. Who smokes some blunts? We smoke the blunts.

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