Swiss perc vs Toro circ/circ

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  1. Hey guys,

    Obviously to a large extent the answer just depends on preference, but I would just like to know your guys thoughts. I have never hit a Swiss Perc or a Toro before. Obviously this is sort of just a dumb preference but I really like bongs with ice notches. Oh also, if I got a Toro it would be circ/circ. So whats your guys thoughts? How do these compare? Also if I got a Swiss Perc what are your thoughts on the optimal number of holes I should get?

  2. I would get a swiss perc as a piece of art. Thats how I look at them.

    To me, the holes are amazing, aesthetically. But worthless in function/price.

    I'd go with a Toro first. because with my preference, I want a high functioning piece before I buy a piece of art.

    I may be getting an Itza this 4/20 which is essentially Toro.
  3. ^^^^ false. the swiss perc has a waffle that initially diffuses and then the bubbles further diffuse with each circle they have to pass by. no doubt the toro would have more diffusion but i would forsure get the swiss
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    how can I be false. when you agree that the Swiss isnt as functional as the Toro for the same price?

    Aight Worthless is a little harsh. But by no means is the diffusion anywhere similar to the Toro. which you agree with.

    I get confused when people disagree, but then ultimately agree with me anyway.
  5. They mixed reviews...Go with your gut sure enough the one you go with you'll love it since you haven't hit both.
  6. maybe its just me but swiss percs are ugly, just like zongs are ugly.....they are too big, not sleek looking @ all
  7. I just recently hit a swiss perc.

    I was not impressed at all.
  8. Circ to circ for sure. Swiss perc looks cool but as a bong will not compare to the toro.
  9. [ame=]YouTube - Nate Dizzle Swiss Perc[/ame]

    I'd go with the toro if you don't have any other high-end glass, but if you've got anything else that diffuses decently, go with the swiss perc
  10. imho i dont even really like it as a artful piece... for art im going with down neck , 4.0 freek could go on and on. id go SG if your looking for high functionablity Toro is great as well
  11. dude.........the irony!!!!

    you just said they were worthless in your first post so i said that that's false and they do serve a purpose........i never said they diffuse as well/better than toro. then you come back and retract your statement and do the same thing by agreeing with me anyways ahahhaha
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    XD I know

    I wouldnt have gotten so confused if you had just said what was false, I thought you meant everything I said was false.

    But I gotcha now.
  13. this one looks like it has the waffle swiss AND tree perks :eek:
  14. Hey guys thanks for the insightful info.

    How does a no-name brand that's the same design and same glass as a Toro compare to an actual Toro? Am I mainly paying for the name? Really tired atm so sorry if this is a bad question.

  15. some of what youre paying for is the name but ultimately high end companies like toro or sovereignty have blowing down to a perfection so theyre tubes are flawless, like on a circ every slit would be perfect, therefore they certainly diffuse better then china shit like hoss

  16. It's an ashcatcher ;)
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    You'd like to think that was true.

    But there are many tubes released from their companies with obvious visual flaws.

    Should have heard the fuckin Horror story from Just619. He got a really expensive Toro colab piece that he drove 3 hours to pick up, only to get to the store to see a MASSIVE scratch on the front of the piece.

    My Itza stemless circ is not level. Which annoys me because I paid so much for it, and technically its less ascetically pleasing than my WS double 3 arm tree. I mean, at least in that one, everything was level.

    If you dont have the money to blow on an expensive tube. you will end up regretting it.

    Remember, your here to smoke weed, or buy glass. wanna smoke weed? you odnt need a 400 dollar bong for that.

    China glass will get you just as high as sov glass.

    some people will tell you "well high end glass has better diffusion, so its easier to take bigger hits and get higher"

    Yeah thats true, Or you can just man up, take a big bong hit anyway. and deal with the harshness.

    so, man up? or spend 400 bucks?

    its up to you man. Do you have the cash to blow on this?
  18. Lesson 1: Opticians BEFORE LHS.

  19. I have a grasscity stalker.

    Can someone respond to this guy for me? He makes a habit of constantly calling me out, and I really cant get into the "playground" mentality to talk to him.
  20. id cry kliff, there are still flaws in toros ive seen (1 circ slit bigger then others) but ive never seen a company like that pump out a circ that isnt even level....thats a bit of a fail! My stemline is literally flawless, theres nothing wrong with it!

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