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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by my de-stresser, May 16, 2010.

  1. Do you get anything from smoking straight up swishers? Ima bout 2 smoke my first one that's actually not packed with weed tomarrow at the driving range n I was just curious if I'm gonna get a buzz or anything?
  2. you won't get high but smoking cigarillos is awesome.
  3. depends how long you've been smoking tobbacco related products. if you dont usually smoke cigs or cigars then you should get a buzz from it. if you got a swisher though, dont puff on that shit without it being full of weed. if you wanna puff on somethin at the driving range i would recommend a black n mild.

  4. I <3 black and milds. But OP you wont get much of a buzz unless you inhale. If you inhale a cigar prepare to get lightheaded and maybe nauseous.
  5. Smoking non bud filled swishers are gross.


  6. This.

    And This.
  7. I've actually never smoked a swisher before unless is full of weed like other guys said you shuld just smoke some black and mild they are better tasting.

  8. Yea they taste good but you gotta get the wood tip.

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