Swisher Sweets

Discussion in 'General' started by DankBud, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. What is the swisher sweet flavor that has a pink color wrapper?
  2. strawberry
  3. they taste goodl... but honestly they don't roll good blunts in my opinion... unless you like rooliing small blunt...... but the mouth peice is a key thing to have some time for actual blunts....

    and yes, they're strawberry....
  4. depends on the size of the swisher. cigarillos doin't roll good blunts. Blunts are too short. Perfectos are about right. I'd still prefer to roll with phillies tho.
  5. all i use are swisher sweets they work [erfectly in my coondition but like gravy said they are pretty small,they would be better if they were bigger,and i hate the flavors of the swisher sweets,me and my buddy rolled a starwaberry swisher and i nearly gagged on the tatse,i prefer regular kind non flavor,except the taste of the sweet mary jane:)
  6. u serious? i love swishers even if ur not rolling a blunt they taste great and u can get a nice buzz off 'em.

    the first time i was ever caught was in the 8th grade ...after i smoked a swisher (i was desperate i hadnt had a buzz in weeks)

    ahhh, good times!
  7. I don't think you're supposed to inhale cigars.. ya know..

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