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Swisher or Optimo?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jpee, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. What kind of blunts do you guys like to smoke Swishers or Optimos? oh and what flavor?

    For me I like rolling my blunts with grape optimos <3
  2. Regular Swishers and Vanilla Dutches. Grape Swishers when a smoking buddy requests it.
  3. watermelon phillys

    or a grape swisher
  4. watermelon phillys

    or a grape swisher
  5. Vanilla Dutches
  6. if your rolling with a rillo you can't beat a grape swisher.
  7. strawberry dutch baby...or a peach Game blunt, foil wrapped and fresh as hell!
  8. peach optimo like no other
  9. You cant go wrong with a Grape Swisher. Theyre just so dam good:smoke:
  10. grape or peach optimos but its hard to find fresh ones sometimes.
  11. Peach Optimos are yummy :eek:
  12. optimos for sure. grape and peach are the best. i think they are better then swishers. its funny they are made by the same company
  13. Strawberry Swishers
  14. You guys are insane!!! LOL! Haha, Peach Swisher all the way....I won't smoke any swisher other than peach (ok, ok, I lie, sometimes a strawberry).

    Can't go wrong with peach.

    Happy Toking.:somke:
  15. I ALWAYS use Swisher Grape.

    and rub honey on the inside of it about 30 minutes before i roll with it.

    it burns so much slower and tastes like heaven with a cherry on top : ]
  16. Swishers and Optimos are damn near identical.

    Same manfacaturer. Both made under King Edward.

    Grab a swisher rillo and a optimo rillo. You really cant tell any difference.

    Same thing, So no choice between em, But i smoked swishers cuz thats whats popular round here so always fresh over optimos.
  17. idk...i like them both, all time love is corona grape dutch masters..
    the one in the pic is not grape but still...i just love them babies :D

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