Swinging While High?

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  1. Hear me out hear, I know that this sounds stupid. But my younger sister got a huge swing recently and my dad myself and my brother put it up. It hangs down from chains that we boosted like 25 feet up in two trees. The trees are alive and healthy and probably 100 feet tall. So anyway today I got baked and decided to go swing. The swing can hold up to 250lbs and it's base is like metal with a rubber padding on it and has 4 ropes connected to the this base and a netting. So anyways I decided to stand up and try to get it to go as high as possible, it ended up swing for like 45 minutes and just got like 40 feet in the air at the pinnacles of the swing how gets. It was the craziest feeling ever while baked. Can't wait to do it again tmrw
  2. Pics of the epic giant swing please.  :cool:  
  3. shit, this makes me wants to do this, my friends would think I'm losing it if I wanted to be left alone to go swinging though... I must pull this off
  4. Haha don't knock it until you try it right! Crazy ass feeling though let's tell you
  5. If I wasn't so terrified of heights that actually sounds really awesome..
  6. underwater swiming in deep water  after eating a really potent edible, is mindblowing
  7. Looks like I gotta try and see how it feels like.
  8. I tried swinging a couple years back while on "unmentionables"..lets just say an awesome psychedelic substance...it was sooo fun I didn't want to stop.  I had headphones on at the time, listening to some good music at the time was just sweet
  9. This isn't the type of swinging I was expecting.
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    I hope you weren't expecting dancing.....the 50s are long gone my man. Not that I would know my parents were barely born in the 50s lol
  11. When I go swinging while high it usually involves other married couples.....
  12. No not that swinging...
  13. I wanna see the swing !!! Lol
  14. I would love to, but whenever I swing I get dizzy.  Haven't done it in a couple of years, maybe I've changed.. who knows
  15. That's the swing. When you stand up you can fly on it haha

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  16. thought you were talking about bangin somebody else's wife
  17. hottub while high!
  18. Swinging in general makes me nauseous

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