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Swine flu

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Trevo4311, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Can it be passed threw sharing a piece or a blunt with someone? I'm not saying im gonna go smoke with the sickest person i see, But if someone that doesn't look sick or know that they're sick and you smoke with them.
  2. It is just like any other flu so it can be transmitted as any other flu does.

  3. it's also as harmless as any other flu with your simplest flu treatment. Soup, toast, bed rest and you're good. No fear dude, it's all bullshit propaganda anyways.
  4. Oh it is obscene at my university you can actually get out of taking exams if you have symptoms and feel like you need to stay home.

  5. In albany they are having this red cross event at the state building where they are giving out disaster supplies which include masks and shit. I saw on the news recently that people are buying gas masks. I doubt people are REALLY doing this shit except for a few foolish sheeple but seriously, it's all bullshit.
  6. if you're not a baby or a senior, you're in the clear
  7. The swine flu (now H1N1) is just like any other flu. Except worse. If you can catch the Rhino Virus from passing a bowl you can catch the swine.

  8. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: *runs and hides*
  9. #9 rooney9, Sep 17, 2009
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    Yes it can, but it should not stop you.


    *thinks about it*



    *passes the J*
  10. ^ What he said. Anyway, weed helps protect all types of flu from progressing, so toke up and you won't have anything to worry about ;P
  11. they said they expect roughly around 50% of my college campous to get it by end of the year. but ye i think it could pass thatway just like any other flu
  12. i've smoked with both of my roommates who are sick recently, and I'm still fine!:D:hello:

    i think mary jane has something to do with it;)
  13. Swine flu is a media hox... lol, idk no one else said it so i threw it out there. Yea its possible to get sick from other people wile smokeing with them.
  14. I got sick from smoking with my roommate. So I just continued to smoke weed every day and I felt better in about 2 days. :smoking:
  15. Yea, Im a biology major and H1N1 is just a diffrent strain. The media freaks out when a couple people die from it but never mention the people who die from Spanish influenza (the regular flu). To answer you question, yes you can contract it from smoking with a person if they are a carrier, however they may not show any symptoms. Thats why you AND you buddy each roll a blunt and smoke together. :smoking:
  16. *facepalm* I've got a big ass cold off one of our friends -_- Yeahh Swine works the same way who cares it's just the flu with SWINE infront of it. Treatment has already been posted
  17. Just treat it like any other flu. Wash your hands before you eat and don't smoke with someone who is obviously sick. Or if you are really paranoid then make everyone use their own piece :p
  18. i had swine flu its the same as any other flu it really wasnt bad at all lol i just had a bad cough and my stomach hurt every now and then for like a week but its not bad.
  19. My sister was showing symptoms of Swine Flu in Boston and her school quarantined her for 4 days. They didn't even test her to determine if it was actually the H1N1 strain or another. Just quarantined with bed rest and everything else you do with the regular flu. I thought that was pretty odd they didn't test though. I figured there would be someone that would want to know like the Center for Disease Control or something.

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