swine flu

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Linktogunner, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I woke up with a cold today and went to the store with my sister. when i got back i decided to robotrip and now i kinda feel like i have a flu but im not sure if its because im fucked up..

    i think it's swine flu cause two people in my town have it )small town of 2,000 ppl


    I HAVE SWINE FLU great im gonna die
  2. Aww man, you had a cold and thought it was a good idea to robotrip?

    Not a good call.
  3. ^This. Definitely not a good call. Take it easy for the rest of the night/a few days. Your flu symptoms could just be the afterglow. Some people don't have a good feeling afterglow when they use DXM
  4. I feel good now. I can still feel my cold. I've camedown abit.. I was just really fucked up and paranoid.. ahah
  5. uh yea robotrip while getting sick haha, but yea dont worry about the swine flu, everyone just freaked out at first, its really not that bad
  6. Dude if you can get to a hospital within a month of getting "swine flu" then you're fine. The only problem is when it goes untreated, like most sickness and disease. I went over to Costa Rica when the whole scare was going on and I came back fine. You'll be alright, dude. Lol...
  7. swine aint a big deal. I'm just getting over it for the third time don't fret it.
  8. dude, im just gettin over swine flu. its just a really shitty flu. ull be strait.
  9. regular flu still kills more people than swine flu

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