Swine flu- wish me luck

Discussion in 'General' started by Barrett37, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Well guys and gals, I officially have the swin flu. It is awful, and I hope good health to all here. Light one for me guys :D
  2. Its not that bad dude. Toke it up, you'll feel a lot better.
  3. I mean it isn't all too bad, just don't feel like getting up and doing anything.
  4. Gone to the doctor yet?
  5. Yup, I have
  6. my next doobs for your swine flu man.. not because you have it, just because i feel for ya. ive had pneumonia for the past 2 weeks and it blows.. just rent some movies, burn and sleep all day.:)

  7. Swine flu is actually less serious than the actual flu, good luck anyways,
  8. Advice will be taken :D
  9. If your immune system isn't compromised you should be fine.
  10. Yeah I'll be okay soon, just gotta wait it out

  11. thats why i aint even worried about this shit

    hope u feel better soon tho
  12. My friends girlfriend was sick as shit last night. Went over there and chilled. Feeling shitty today i'm kind of worried. Well shit man I hope the best feelings come towards ya
  13. Thanks guys, hope you get better Livingalife
  14. did you get vaccinated before you got it?
    also how did you get it?
  15. No I hadn't yet. And I spent the whole day at Kings Island the other day, 3 friends are sick and me getting the swine flu.
  16. i had the flu in the spring, not long after the initial reports of swine flu outbreaks.
    turns out it wasnt swine flu! still sucked though.
    but i smoked a shitload of weed and was back to normal in 2 days. it was awesome.
  17. The swine ain't shit. Everyone in my suite has gotten it but was only really sick for maybe a couple of days. It's just an over-hyped immune less-dangrous version on the seasonal flu.

  18. they (gov't) havent released a vaccination yet, it just recently got approved, should be here around early october
  19. i officially already had it, and yea, it really sucks. but ull be fine.
  20. my moms friends son has it and doc's say he's got 10% chance to live

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