Swine flu still around?

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  1. Apparently people are getting this virus and spreading it to other humans as well. Many have died and 3 died today so far. Should we be worried and should we take up the flu shot?Im always against flu shots because you never know what is going inside your body, and this scare is scaring people to receive the shot.This deadly virus is taking down healthy people in their 20s as well as children and the elderly.M3ssenger
  2. Also say A(H1N1). First of all, swine flu is a virus which arises from pig and the person who contact with pig gets swine flu soon and this will affects . And from affected person easily spread to another person by some direct contact like touching, hand shacking, sneazing, coughing, sharing foods spoon clothes etc., The person who lowers in their immune level affects very fast even leads to death condition. Body pain, fever temperature more than 100'F, headache, nasal congestion and frequent cough, no appetite all these will be consider as swine flu symptoms. So, the person who caught this will recover by improving immune system by proper diagnose and medicine and instantly, take vitamin C content foods, garlic capsules, lot of drinking water etc., Moreover avoid live contacts who suffer from flu diseases. 
  3. Perhaps you should look up normal flu fatality rates and how many people get the flu every year. Swine flu is fear mongering propaganda. Not saying swine flu is fake, but it's not really much to worry about unless you are elderly or have a compromised immune system. Same with the "normal" flu.
  4. Mind linking me to some of those numbers? I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I'm having trouble finding the percentage of deaths from the total amount of cases contracted. There are plenty of (conflicting) sources on the total number of deaths attributed to each, but not so much on the total amount of cases of infection.

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  5. Alot of people in Houston had it and died. I read a report that 24 incidents were reported that ended in death. 
    But you cant be sure bc something about you dont have to report what an adult dies of???
    Idk this is all off my memory. I read it about a month ago. Let me see if I can find it
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    Says the flu is 'widespread' in almost every state.
    I also looked here but they only show the pediatric deaths
    Since 2010-11 season the highest death count was 171 pediatrics in a season. In a country with over 70 million children, I'd say that's almost nothing to worry about. For a viral infection that's 'widespread' according to the CDC, you'd think the deaths would be in the thousands easily. The flu is relatively harmless, unless you are already immuno-compromised.
  7. Swine Flu, Avian Flu, whatever flu will always be around. What matters is if it mutates, goes airborne and has a high mortality rate. Could happen today, tomorrow or 100 years from now. Then if the past is any indicator it vanishes without a trace almost as fast as it sweeps the globe. 

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