Swine Flu Ketchup Face Washing Experiment

Discussion in 'General' started by Czarchastic, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I have an idea.
    Consider this:
    1. The swine flu became a top headline for weeks.
    2. It was the cause for temporary closures in several schools.
    3. It was on the verge of being called a pandemic.
    4. It had a name change to H1N1, not only for the sake of social correctness, but also to attract customers to pork and tourists to Mexico.
    5. People were generally freaking out everywhere - some serious; some not so, but serious enough to freak out the overly-serious ones.
    6. All told, in the US it killed an astounding 3 people.

    Now consider this:
    Suppose the media came out with false reports that a new H6V3 virus spread to people through air-to-face particle contact, and then told people that prevention of the virus could be created by washing your face with ketchup. Would society react strongly enough to subject ourselves to ketchup face washing?

    If you believe in the possibility, then ask yourself this:
    What else could they do?
  2. Soon enough, the species will discover a cure for everything...
    But then all those pharm companies and the billions of dollars will be out of buisness,
    But somehow a new illness will break out, a deadly one,
    And theres only one company that has the cure.
    They made the virus.
  3. Oh shit...

    EDIT: Fuckin' A, man...
  4. We keep taking medications to keep us healthy from sicknesses. but after a while most bacteria and virus's build up an immunity to vaccinces and anti-biotics. soon we will run out of ideas to prevent ilness because we have used everything no and the sicknesses will be immune to everything therfore creating a super virus/bacteria=killing everyone

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